The Surprising Benefits Of Professional Health Coaching

By Roger Miller

Most people have encountered the term health coach in nutritional circles, television and magazines, but they have no idea what this professional does. Wellness coaches usually work in gyms, spas, the offices of physicians and other establishments. Some of these professionals also have private offices. These professionals normally fill the gaps that dietitians, doctors and nutritionists do not have time or resources to fill.

A health coach is a supportive mentor and a wellness authority who motivates people to try to acquire or develop positive health choices. Coaches support and educate clients to achieve health goals by adjusting their behavior and lifestyles. These professionals are well-educated guides in the fields of wellness, mentoring and bio-individuality. If you use professional health coaching services, you can make changes to improve your quality of life.

Although changing your diet can help you to lose weight, you may not maintain the drastic changes for a long time. Your friend or relative may have lost weight after following a certain diet, but you may not have benefited when you tried it. With the assistance of a coach, you can implement small changes to meet your goals comfortably.

A coach can take time to listen to your concerns whether you want to increase energy, lose weight, stop smoking or just improve your health. The professional can assist you to determine why and where you are struggling. He or she can also assist you to know which nutritional advice is correct and which one is wrong, and figure out exactly what works for your body.

All human beings are different and cannot benefit from the exact same diet. Everyone has a unique diet that works for him or her only. The coach is not there to recommend one type of diet. A mentor will not recommend a particular diet or particular foods for you. Instead, he or she can try different foods to determine which diet is the most appropriate for you. The mentor can also advise you on the changes you need to make in your lifestyle and diet to have a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors and nutritionists can also assist you to improve your wellness. The majority of doctors work with health coaches to treat individuals who are suffering from diabetes and obesity and are willing to make behavioral changes to avoid lifestyle related diseases. Your coach can help you meet your goals by developing a customized wellness plan.

When you hire a wellness coach, you will be answerable to the professional. Coaches charge a monthly fee like most gyms do. Knowing that you are answerable to your coach can encourage you to work hard to meet the set goal, and remain focused. You can discuss many things with this professional during your appointments such as your objectives, plan of action and struggles. Most coaches also use telecommunication applications and telephones to enable their clients to perform the mentoring in the comfort of their homes.

Coaches are not doctors and they therefore do not diagnose conditions, recommend higher or lower doses of the medications a client is taking or prescribe medications. Many of these coaches are not certified in personal training, but some are. Therefore, it is essential to ask about the certifications your coach has if he or she recommends certain exercises for you.

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