The Latest Head Lice Removal Tactics

By Edward Wood

A parent or guardian will never enjoy peace of mind knowing that there are insects eating away into the head of his or her child. Head lice removal should be a priority for any parent or guardian. In fact, it should be a search for a permanent solution to avoid an infestation that could lead to skin diseases and an itchy experience.

Comb the hair regularly to keep it neat. Ensure that you are away from chaff and untidy places because the insect can jump off. Since they live on blood, they will die immediately they are off your hair. Through combing, you also make the environment too dry and uninhabitable to insects. Keep a neat and clean scalp and the chances of insects will reduce.

Use products that have pyrethrum. This is one of the most effective remedies when fighting insects. In fact, it has been used in almost all products used to fight insects. It works by attacking the nervous system of the lice, causing them to be incapacitated and eventually die. You will need to apply the product when the hair is already dry. This is an effective way of preventing resistance. A follow up application is done 7-10 days later.

Olive oil is commonly used in the kitchen but has more applications than that. It is preferred as a solution because it comes in its natural form. This means that there are no side effects and the target insects do not develop resistance. The oil will also be treating your skin beyond killing the bugs. The oil works by suffocating the bugs such that they die off.

The hair drier can be used to roast these bugs. The idea is to subject them to a level of heat that they cannot survive. Once they are dead, you can wash them off. This heat will also damage their eggs and young ones. The problem would be damaging your hair. If you cannot withstand the heat, it will be difficult to use this approach.

Hair dunking is a clever way of dealing with bugs in your hair. You drown them in a liquid or substance that denies them air. You will need to be in water or apply the liquid for a while to be effective. Adding insecticides and soap to the water makes it more effective. This will also clean your scalp. Unfortunately for some insects like lice, they can survive in water for hours. However, leaving the head to cake will make conditions unbearable.

Vinegar is an effective cleaner whenever you are dealing with grease. It works by dissolving the substance that the insects use to hold onto your hair. This makes it easy for them to fall off. It can be used alone or to clean your scalp after application of the other methods.

Preference for home remedies is because of they do not come with resistance. This allows you to apply the method several times without side effects or failure. You need to follow instructions clearly to enhance the effectiveness of this method. One person may experience a better rate of success than another because of the approach given. Keep your head clean and neat to discourage most insects.

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