Slimming Down With The Help Of Stress-Lowering Massage In Traverse City MI

By Charles Olson

Fitness experts say that leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods can easily cause unnecessary gain weight. Doctors make it clear that in some instances it is a medical condition that can be blamed for it, such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. There are cases in which the problem can be associated with having too much stress hormones in the body, and this is when getting regular massage in Traverse City MI can be extremely beneficial.

A lot of people are highly stressed in this day and age. According to studies, obesity is a widespread problem. It may seem like a coincidence, but several different studies say that stress and obesity are actually linked.

So many different things can happen if the person's body is flooded with stress hormones. One of those is a rise in the levels of glucose in the bloodstream in an attempt of the body to supply its cells and tissues with plenty of energy. Unfortunately, constantly having lots of blood glucose can be harmful. All kinds of problems may come into being because of such, and diabetes is just one of them.

Increased appetite is another effect of the presence of too much glucose in the blood. It's for this reason why someone who is leading a really stressful life tends to eat all the time, constantly consuming foods that are packed with sugar. A diet that's high in sugar, as everyone knows, can cause unwanted pounds to appear as excess calories are turned into fat molecules. According to experts, fat tissue resulting from stress eating tends to collect in the midsection primarily.

The problem with consuming plenty of sugar is that it can cause a person to crave even more sugar. Needless to say, sugar can be considered as an addictive substance. Aside from unnecessary weight gain, the intake of too much sugar can also give rise to so many other problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, joint pain and even cancer.

Having a life that's so stressful can also cause the metabolism to decelerate. So many people who cannot seem to drop unwanted pounds say that their sluggish metabolic rate is the one to blame. A slow-running metabolism prevents the efficient burning of excess calories and also fat, and that's why it can make slimming down really difficult.

Keeping high levels of stress at bay is of utmost importance. It is highly recommended for losing unnecessary weight as well as fending off so many other issues related to one's health. Doctors say that experiencing stress every now and then is regarded as generally harmless, but something that's around all the time can be quite dangerous.

Fortunately, lowering the levels of stress hormones within can be attained through so many different solutions. A lot of people prefer being massaged by professionals on a regular basis. That's because it's very good for relaxing the mind and body, too. By managing stress effectively, it can be easier for individuals who wish to slim down to see noticeable results without much trouble.

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