Six Sensual Massage FL Erogenous Zones To Target

By Carolyn Kelly

One of the best ways for couples to add a little more spice to the bed would be to perform some erotic massages. Partners who give each other erotic massages would not only give pleasure to each other but would also help each other relax. Of course, there are certain tips that one would have to observe when giving a sensual massage FL such as knowing which zones to hit.

One of the first places that one should start would be both ears as they are really sensitive. Both set of ears have a cluster of erogenous spots that can transmit a very nice feeling when pressed the right way. The right way to stimulate them would be to softly start rubbing from the top of the outer section then all the way to the lobe.

From the ears, one can then move up to the head somewhere in the scalp area. It feels really good when one would rub from the hairline up all the way to the back because there are a lot of nerve spots there that can help relax the body as a whole. Just be careful not to rub too hard as that may actually hurt the head.

It is no surprise that the neck is another very sensitive spot in the body. The neck is extremely ticklish and can turn on anyone if rubbed the right way. With a little bit of oil, one can actually start rubbing the neck of his or her partner softly and trigger extremely strong arousal after just a few short minutes.

Of course, the breast area is definitely an area to stimulate for both the man and the woman. By softly kneading the chest area, one will be activating a lot of erogenous zones and also releasing some of the tension that can be found in the body. Other than that, one must also concentrate on the nipple area as those parts contain a lot of sensitive nerves.

For all massages, a back rub is really good because it helps with relaxation. So a back rub will not only increase intimacy between two partners but it can also help relax one another which is really important if the couple would want the sexual intercourse to be good. This is especially good if one partner is experiencing high levels of stress to the point that the libido goes down.

Lastly, one can then move down to the genital area but not touch the genitals just yet. First, focus on the thighs and press the spaces and creases in between them as these parts are very sensitive and have a lot of erogenous zones. Work toward the inner thighs and use a lot of oil to knead the inner areas near the genital area.

While most sensual massages may be perceived as massaging and rubbing of the genitals only, there are actually so many ways to give erotic massages to a partner. The great thing about erotic massages is that they can allow more intimacy as well as more bonding. Through the intimacy of touch, partners can be able to enjoy each other through slow and sensual movements.

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