Salons Prefer Hair Vendor Extensions Wholesale Cambodian Raw

By Michelle Williams

Cutting, straightening, perming and others are the reasons why women love going to salons. They love to style it with whatever they have in mind. For some, they like to feel the weight of longer hair down their back. Hence, salons are buying bulks from hair vendor extensions wholesale Cambodian raw.

These are most preferable to salons due to their virgin hair having little or unprocessed hair. They primarily source it through donated hair from Cambodian ladies. Not only hair extensions, they also produce wigs in their manufacturing plants in a wide array of variety. It differs in texture, type, and length.

Some of them are also selling either remy hair or non remy hair. Hence, customers are warned to be cautious when inspecting them from virgin hair. Remy is more expensive because it needs a meticulous yet natural process to make sure that the hair cuticle does not get damaged. Meanwhile, non remy have the cuticles stripped due to having unaligned roots. It requires high concentrate of acid causing it to be dry with low moisture.

These three differ in their donors and their cuticles. For virgin hairs, every strand is in the same direction of the roots because it comes from only one donor. Hence, hair cuticles remains intact as it goes through no or little processing. Virgin hairs last up to two years as a result.

When it comes to texture, Cambodian hair comes in two varieties. It can either be thick and coarse or soft and silky. The former is best suited for women with heavily coarse hair as it can blend in with their hair. The same can be said for the latter. A tip the costumers can find useful is asking vendors specifically of which texture they want. That way, vendors can easily help and serve customers better.

Naturally wavy hairs are common in Cambodian ladies. Other patterns include straights and curls. Coarse and thick hairs will make the waves more obvious which makes this texture popular among women. Good care and durable strands will make the hair extensions last longer.

One advantage that wavy and curly patterns have over straight is regular care. It is not required much. As the scalp produces natural oils, the patterns will retain its shape and its vibrancy. Volume will also increase due to these oils making it bouncier than before.

These hairs can also endure the chemicals in hair dyes and colors. Bleaching, on the other hand, is not allowed due to the damage it can bring to the hair extensions. If customers will pursue doing this, they are advised to use the bleach in moderation in consideration for the state of the hair.

Styling can also be done here. If customers see that it needs more curls or straightening here and there, then they can use hair irons to do so. It will be better if they can test small strands first to see if the heat is acceptable before doing it to the rest of them.

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