Rhinoplasty Surgeon Houston Describes What You Should Know Regarding The Procedure

By Christopher Russell

Rhinoplasty commonly referred to as nose surgery is performed with the intentions of altering the proportions, shape or size of the nose a patient. Even though the operation is in most cases done for aesthetic reasons, you can also schedule for surgery if you are battling with concerns that are affecting your breathing. When searching for a top rated rhinoplasty surgeon Houston is an ideal place to begin your investigations.

You will first have to meet with a preoperative consult before you can get scheduled for an operation. The expert will seek to know your needs, preferences and objectives and this information will be passed on to your surgeon. You will also get information on how to prepare for surgery and for the recovery process.

For the surgery to be performed, the surgeon will put you under a local anesthetic or a general anesthesia. He or she will then begin working on the nose bone as well as its cartilage and this will make it possible for the desired shape to be created. In order for your nose to assume a proper shape, it may be necessary for fillers, silicone implants or fat grafts to be used. Because rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, you will be allowed to leave the hospital on the same day.

It takes between ten days and two weeks for the harsh symptoms to subside. It may however take about a year for the swelling to subside completely. Right after the operation, the surgeon will put a gauze, cast or splint over your nose and it will be removed after a week or so. During the first week, you can expect the operated nose to be swollen, bruised and painful. Some breathing challenges should also be expected, though you should breathe properly once the cast is removed. Most patients are able to resume work within two weeks following surgery.

It remains crucial to find the right surgeon within your area. This is regardless of whether you need an operation for cosmetic or health related reasons. Surgeons are not created equal and some of them do not have a specialty in nose surgery. It is in your best interests to choose a board certified specialist who has years of experience up the belt.

There are tough questions you must ask during consultation. Ask about the cost of a service, the recommended post-operative care and also how to prepare for a procedure. It is also crucial to find out what the surgeon thinks, based on your requests and desires.

By asking questions, you will get a deeper understanding of the values and proficiencies of a potential surgeon. Ask about the risks allied with getting a nose job and even check out the portfolio of the surgeon to see the before and after pictures of other patients. If you are pleased with your findings, you can confidently schedule for surgery.

There are health issues that may make it inevitable for you to get a rhinoplasty procedure. Concerns like sinus issues, a broken nose or a deviated septum may pose breathing problems that can only be addressed through surgery. There are also birth defects such as cleft lip or palate that can mess with ones appearance and even cause eating discomforts, making it crucial for a patient to undergo a procedure.

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