Revision Rhinoplasty, What It Is And Why Do It

By Gary Collins

A pretty face makes a lasting impression to people you know and people you get acquainted with. Taking care of your face needs to be part of your daily cleansing routine. At times, you will need to go to dermatologists to do facial treatments or surgery. One popular facial surgery is nose job. When you need a follow up for that, you can go to a clinic that does revision rhinoplasty Houston.

Reconstructing the nose is what essentially happens in rhinoplasty surgery. Its surgical operations involve two types. First is reconstructive and second is cosmetic . The former rebuilds the original nasal function and form. On the other hand, the latter beautifies the nasal aesthetics.

When you want improvements on the previous operation, then revision rhinoplasty occurs. The revisions can also be done if you want changes on what has been done. This operation intends to correct and improve the nasal issues you are experiencing and has occurred. The surgeon only has to do minor tweaks on your nose job.

Your decision on doing this procedure needs time and thorough considerations. Despite the previous statement that they do minor tweaks, complicated procedures are still involved here. The expenses you will make are also a part of your decision. Undergoing the revisions sometimes can get more expensive than your previous one.

You can go back to your original surgeon or you can find a new one who specializes in it. Your surgeon has to be an expert on nasal structures. He or she also needs the experienced when handling corrections from the primary rhinoplasty. That way, they are able to determine and understand the cause of your problem, the reasons it occurred, and the procedures to fix it.

Your nasal issues have various causes and reasons. If you had the cosmetic one, the tip of your nose may be asymmetrical. You may even have pointy or uneven appearance caused by cartilage protrusion. If you had reconstruction, then nasal obstruction may be what you are experiencing. This is the commonly occurring problem for nasal function.

As you go to your appointment with your surgeon, you need to discuss thoroughly the things involved here. You will then be informed of any expectations and any risks before and after surgery. It will help if you can talk about your experience and any reasons why you are unsatisfied with the primary rhinoplasty. You can then make a decision based on those things after your talk.

As with any operation, this procedure carries risks that can potentially occur to you. One of which is the temporary loss of the sense of smell. The swelling it results to may take a long time to go down. There is also a possible busting in your blood vessels. Also, this may create more functional aesthetic complications on your nose.

Before doing any of this, however, you have to wait for at least a year before undergoing another. This is to ensure that any swelling on the nose reduces and heals. Also, your next surgeon has to wait for the scar tissue to soften first in order to fix the nasal issues easily. If not, then the hard tissue will prevent them from doing the necessary corrections.

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