Recumbent Tricycles For The Adults

By Frances Parker

See, when you use them though, you are going to find out that it was actually possible to go triking even while still in laying down position. That would mean nirvana for most of us who have been dreaming of transportation without the use of ANY of our movements. Still, we still have to use our legs so we guess they are still not up to here yet with innovation. In the future, there will be no need for movements. For now, we have Recumbent Trikes.

If this is more of a hobby to you then we got to say that you have an interesting hobby. It might not be a rare hobby to have since a lot of people out there like to go biking every now and then. But this kind of bike or trike is certainly on a different level than what we are used to.

They are probably for the older generation who are told to keep biking for their health and stamina but since their backs cannot hold out for them anymore, we have these ones that could still help. While triking and laying down sounds like a really good idea that would have us lazy folks a little more than just interested, it kind of seems a bit dangerous.

The ones who do not move at all when they walk and just let the things carrying them do all the work? while that sounds amazing in theory but kind of seem really bad in practice when you really get into it. To not move around and practice all of the muscles we are born with? That is just asking for our muscles to disappear.

We sure it might be possible since it will be just the legs that will be doing all the hard work for us. Could you imagine all of the dumb adults who got drunk and would play around with this? How much do you want to bet that they will probably end up in a ditch by the time the night ends?

And it will certainly be entertaining to see a bunch of adults racing along the road in their trike like that. It sounds like an event that would be on Twitter for a long time too. And people will bound to make memes about it because that is what internet people do with their spare time. And as fun as that sounds, it does make the internet people seem a little pathetic.

Maybe even record it and post it on a social media platform just to show to the world how much fun total idiots can have in one single night. With the use of alcohol and this weird looking trike. Other dumber people have done worse than this and at least you are not likely to die with this one.

Yes, we know who you are, memers and social justice warriors. Even if you have that much power online, know that you are nothing in real life. Use your power online for something good instead of just complaining all the time.

Ranting about things you probably will not do anything about. Whining about all the wrong things in the world for the sake of just whining about it. Why do you not just do something about that instead, huh?

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