Recommended Natural Supplements For Autistic Children

By Carolyn Wagner

Parents and guardians face a huge task of managing children who are autistic. While there are medical interventions, they are not the preferred mode because of the danger of addiction and dependency. The use of natural supplements for autistic children is the recommended approach. Because they are natural, the supplements will rarely have negative side effects. In fact, they enhance other body processes.

Kids suffering from autism have been shown to lack Vitamin C. It should therefore form part of your supplement package. The vitamin plays a crucial role in proper brain formation and function. In its absence kids are prone to autism or acceleration of the condition. The vitamin has also been proven to enhance the immune system, work as an antioxidant and also support the transportation of dopamine in the body.

Vitamin B6 is a supplement that has been proven to aid in language mastery and speed development. The use of vitamin B6 has been criticized because of some nasty side effects. To solve these side effects, experts recommended that it is mixed with Magnesium. This is what resulted in neutralization and usefulness of the supplement.

DMG or Dimethylglycine is not a vitamin but it has been approved for autistic children. It is recommended because it enhances the immune system. Parents and caregivers have given positive feedback on the effectiveness of this supplement. Some of the areas it has been reported to enhance include speech and adoption of normal behavior. It is naturally found in such foods as cereal grains, liver and beans. There are also no reported adverse side effects on kids who consumed this supplement.

Kids struggling with autism should receive antifungal and probiotic dosage as a supplement. These food elements contain the growth of candida which ensures a healthier gastrointestinal system. The supplement has also been shown to prevent accumulation of bacteria on the walls of intestine. Even without helping in tackling bacteria, antifungal elements and probiotics have been shown to boost human health.

The severity of autism is reduced through the use of digestive enzymes. They ensure that the digestive system works properly without nasty bacteria lining the walls. Some enzymes to consider include pepsin, papain and hydrochloric acid. These enzymes have already proven useful in ASD management.

It is recommended that kids who are autistic receive additional essential fatty acids as a supplement. They boost the mineral composition of the body. Research has indicated that kids with autism display deficiency of amino acids in their body. Beyond helping to tackle autism, the amino acids will make your body healthier. You should get the right dosage from your physician based on individual needs.

Quality life for children with autism includes making healthy choices. These choices will include medical interventions and the use of different types of therapies. According to research, treatment is yet to be found but parents and guardians have numerous options they can use in management of the condition. The remedy you use will depend on response of the kid and recommendation from professionals based on severity of the condition.

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