Microneedling Denver Med Spas Offer Firms The Skin Without Surgery

By Rebecca Powell

Undergoing plastic surgery for the sake of attaining a more youthful-appearance terrifies many. Not everyone is willing to take the risk and also end up broke in the process. It's a good thing that these days there are numerous alternatives to undergoing the knife. Many of those who like to be seen with tighter skin without surgery opt for microneedling Denver med spas are offering.

Clearly, it is something that involves the use of very tiny needles found at one end of a hand-held tool such as a roller, pen or wand. The goal is to leave your skin's uppermost layer with a lot of small holes. Worry not because this is something that can work to your advantage. Dermatologists say that such can in fact instigate skin rejuvenation.

The creation of those small holes makes it possible to boost the production of collagen. Nowadays, you can easily find lots of anti-aging creams, ointments and serums that contain collagen. It doesn't really come as a shock since collagen is vital for firming up the skin. Needless to say, something as simple as increasing the levels of collagen in the skin is enough to facilitate the elimination of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging.

Pricking the skin with the use of lots of very tiny needles allows for the synthesis of collagen. Such is what makes it possible for skin tightness to be attained even without the presence of a scalpel. Due to this, microneedling is considered as one of the various non-surgery treatments for skin aging that can really impress.

In order for you to obtain the results you want, consider having 3 to 6 treatments. Each visit to the medical spa is usually scheduled 4 to 6 weeks from one another. Do not worry about pain as a numbing cream will be applied before every session. Without the need for general anesthesia, health risks are considerably reduced.

In some instances, the procedure is coupled with the application of an assortment of topically-used products. Proper absorption is guaranteed due to the holes created by a lot of small needles. There are cases in which PRP is the one that's applied. Short for platelet-rich plasma, it is a substance obtained from the blood and revered for its ability to encourage rejuvenation of the skin. The application of PRP is referred to by skin care experts as the vampire facial.

Microneedling is also recommended for dealing with other cosmetic issues aside from fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Many are opting for it in order to enjoy smaller pores and lesser skin oils. Dermatologists recommend it for managing acne as well as considerably improving the appearance of the scars it tends to cause.

Dermatologists regard it as a minimally-invasive procedure because very tiny needles are involved and they penetrate the dermal layer. Due to such, it's a wonderful idea for you to undergo it at a medical spa many beauty-conscious individuals trust. Also, the procedure is best carried out by a board-certified dermatologist or a trained and experienced individual who is under the direct supervision of a dermatologist.

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