Menopausal Females Should Get Treatment For Sleep Apnea In Order To Prevent Complications

By Nancy Meyer

Menopause comes with all kinds of symptoms, many of which can be really bothersome. One of those is insomnia that's usually brought about by pesky night sweats. Some menopausal women, however, may feel like they are not entirely rejuvenated even though insomnia is not bugging them. There are situations in which it can be blamed on a sleep disorder that is known to affect so many women who are already in the menopausal phase. Below are a few reasons why it's highly suggested for all affected women to get treatment for sleep apnea without any delay.

It's highly recommended for everybody to enjoy 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a nightly basis. However, it's possible for some women to remain feeling exhausted and lethargic the next day despite of having such. Sometimes it can be due to what doctors are referring to as sleep apnea.

Refrain from taking this sleep disorder sitting down. Basically, it's something that causes breathing cessations while you are getting some shut eye at night. Those pauses in your breathing may occur a few times only. However, it's actually possible for them to happen hundreds of times a night, experts say. It goes without saying that having breathing cessations can deprive your different internal organs of their oxygen demand, and your brain is just one of them.

Since your brain is robbed of oxygen, it's very much possible for you to encounter severe headaches many times. You may also experience brain fog, which is a considerable cognitive decline. Various issues commonly brought about by being in the menopausal stage such as anxiety, depression and intense mood swings may become exacerbated, too.

It's possible for too much daytime sleepiness to be experienced, too. This can certainly keep a woman who is in the menopausal phase already from obtaining a fruitful and enjoyable day. Having a sedentary lifestyle is also likely as a result of such. Lack of physical activity can cause unwanted gaining of weight, which is a common problem that menopause brings.

What's really scary about depriving the brain of oxygen is it can increase a woman's risk of suffering from a stroke. This is especially true if she is diagnosed with heart disease. Combining the disorder with heart disease is a terrible idea. It's for the fact that the problem can worsen considerably.

A menopausal woman's blood pressure, for instance, can end up abnormally high. It's common knowledge that high blood pressure or hypertension is regarded as a risk factor for deadly heart disease. High blood pressure in individuals who are diagnosed with heart disease can put the heart under a lot of stress. This is something that can cause heart failure to happen one day.

It's very much possible for the blood glucose of the menopausal woman to become elevated, too. This can cause the cells to stop responding to the hormone accordingly, a health condition referred to as insulin resistance. Such can cause the pooling of glucose in the blood. Failure to put it under control can increase risk of type 2 diabetes. It's so important to manage type 2 diabetes effectively. Otherwise, its various complications can make living with menopause a lot more difficult.

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