Leading Laser Hair Center Plano Outlines Factors You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

By Christopher Wagner

Laser hair removal treatments are your go to solution if you are tired of the effects of shaving and the pain allied with waxing treatments. Even as laser technology grows in popularity, there are questions that just about every client will ask before scheduling for an appointment. During research for the finest laser hair center Plano has a decent number of highly regarded professionals to offer.

There are facts that you ought to know before getting a treatment. First, you can expect your treatment sessions to yield immediate results. You will notice that the number of strands within the treated area will have greatly reduced within the first session. Even though the outcome could vary from patient to patient, most people will enjoy a 30% decrease of the unwanted hair.

It is crucial to understand that follow-ups are a must. Depending on the area being treated, one session could last for several minutes to an hour. You will even so be required to go for five to ten follow-up treatments for the ultimate outcome to be flawless. In addition, yearly maintenance sessions are important.

If you are like most clients, then you will assume that the treatments will be completely painless. This is not true. You should expect to experience a warm pinching or itching sensation that will only last for a millisecond. The discomfort is tolerable, though you could discuss with your aesthetician about safe numbing prescriptions that you can use beforehand.

The color of your curls will dictate whether you are a good candidate for laser hair removal or not. Even with the numerous advancements in laser technology, it is unfortunate that it is still challenging to treat clients whose tresses are light. The machine needs to detect the melanin in the hair follicles in order to damage them.

Another fact that you ought to know before you schedule for a treatment is that age matters. Nearly all patients with dark tresses qualify for laser hair removal, though those going through puberty are better off abstaining from treatments. During this development stage, new hair growth is drastic and not even laser technology can keep up with the changes your body is going through. It will be better for you to depend on waxing in the meantime.

There is truth in the fact that sessions will afford you smooth, hairless skin and the outcome will be long lasting. It is also true that yearly maintenance treatments are a must. Your body will not stop trying to grow new hair and it pays to have the new growth removed. The good news is that you will notice fewer hairs that are thinner and lighter.

Before you visit a laser center, you need to be ready for some minor lifestyle changes. First, you must avoid using tanning beds and also limit your exposure to direct sunlight. You may also need to use certain skin care products that are recommended for those who have undergone laser treatments. Your aesthetician will provide pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions that you must follow to the letter.

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