How Dental Composite Brushes Help In Renewing Your Teeth

By Ann Anderson

Nobody would like to have discolored teeth but for one reason or another, some avoidable and some unavoidable, people end up with discolored teeth. Doctors have various tools like dental composite brushes that aid in reversing certain things like discolored teeth. Some people wonder how they ended up with discolored teeth even after keen observation of their oral hygiene. To better understand, the following might serve you good.

Teeth discolorations are divided into three main categories. The first and most common among the three is extrinsic tooth discoloration. This occurs when the exterior part of your teeth is affected. This is also known as the enamel. The main culprits of discolored enamel are things that you may consume. Drinks like wine or cola and habits like smoking really affect the enamels color.

Secondly, there is intrinsic discoloration. This type affects the dentin which is the inner part of the tooth and mostly affects one during childhood. Too much use or exposure to fluoride, use of tetracycline antibiotics, trauma when young or on a permanent tooth that caused internal bleeding or when born with a condition known as dentin genesis. When mothers take the tetracycline antibiotics during pregnancy, this tends to also affect the teeth color.

Just like other health conditions, dental discoloration may also be caused by age. As you get old, intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration affects you. Aging causes thinning of the enamel which in turns shows off the dentin. Prolonged intake over the years of foods that discolor teeth affects ones teeth color.

Unlike other hidden symptoms, discoloration is very pen and notable. If you have yellow, brown or white streaks or spots, then you definitely have tooth discoloration. Your dentist will not have to carry out any tests as all is required is taking a look at your teeth. The dentist will then recommend the best treatment that will effectively see your teeth white again.

The first that your dentist will advise if you should undergo is the in-office bleaching. This treatment only takes close to an hour for you to see your desired results. The paste which contains bleach is applied on the affected teeth and in a while, you will walk out of that office a happy person as your teeth will be whiter.

Apart from the in-office treatment, you can also buy bleaching products over the counter. They necessarily do not require a prescription. Alternatively, instead of your dentist performing the treatment, you can ask him to do it yourself at home. This can be achieved by using a gel, which is not as strong as the in-office bleach, together with a moth guard. You are just required to put the gel in the guard and let stay attached on your teeth for some time or overnight.

Taking care of your teeth is one sure way of ensuring that you do not go through all the hustles of having to have the whitened again. This especially applies to cases where tooth discoloration can be avoided. This includes brushing your teeth as and when required. If you cannot avoid foods that discolor your teeth, make sure you brush or floss after their consumption.

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