Get To Know Laser Facelift Fort Lauderdale Medical Spas Are Offering

By Karen Williams

Facial wrinkles bother so many women. Not all of those who are being bugged by wrinkles, however, are willing to undergo the knife, which is an expensive and a risky solution. Fortunately, beauty-conscious women who are terrified of general anesthesia, scalpels and steep costs have non-surgery options to choose from. Laser facelift Fort Lauderdale dermatologists offer is one of those.

It's no secret that laser is a technology that helps improve a woman's appearance and self-confidence. Mainly, it's because of its ability to get rid of facial and body hair for good. By means of laser hair removal, you can forget about constantly plucking, shaving or waxing.

Nowadays, laser is actually being used for treating so many other aesthetic issues bugging lots of women. Dermatologists highly recommend it for acne management. Also, it can be employed for reducing the appearance of nasty scars that acne usually leaves behind. Laser is highly effective for getting rid of so many other beauty-related matters such as excess pigments, enlarged pores, skin tags, spider veins and even contagious warts.

You may consider laser facelift if you're someone who is terrified of the thought of undergoing the knife. A lot of beauty-conscious women in fact pay for it in order to get rid of their wrinkles in a non-surgical manner. A dermatologist uses a hand-held tool that releases pulses of light. Needless to say, no scalpel is involved.

The reason why laser can impress is that it encourages the synthesis of more collagen. So many of today's topical anti-aging solutions contain collagen, and that's why its name sounds really familiar. A type of structural protein, collagen is the one that makes a woman's skin stay firm. Needless to say, collagen is vital for keeping wrinkles from showing up.

One of the reasons why wrinkles form is too much sun exposure. That's because UV rays given off by the sun damage collagen present. Because more collagen is being destroyed than manufactured, firmness is lost and thus wrinkling is seen. The normal process of aging decreases the body's ability to produce collagen. Clearly, excessive sun exposure and aging do not mix as it can prove to be a nightmarish duo for someone who is beauty-conscious.

It's a fact that exposure to laser involves some discomfort. This is why a numbing cream is applied on areas to be treated beforehand. For many women, that's okay for as long as no general anesthesia is involved. Also keeping discomfort to a minimum is the fact that the wand emitting laser also gives off bursts of cool air. Once the treatment is through, results can be enjoyed by a woman right away. Mild reddening and a little swelling can be expected, but they're definitely not as terrifying as the immediate effects of undergoing the knife.

If you like to get rid of wrinkles without paying for costly and risky surgery, then give laser facelift a try. Many beauty-conscious women of today prefer it due to the advantages it has over a traditional facelift. Having a treatment once a year is advised for the results to be maintained.

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