For Botox Injections Maple Grove MN Is Worth Visiting

By Charles Gibson

The FDA has approved the use of Botox as a way of getting rid of wrinkles and other fine lines on various parts of the body. Administering Botox does not require downtime, which implies that it is not necessary to book an appointment in order to have the process done. It is possible for one to just check in a clinic over lunch break and have the procedure performed. When one needs botox injections Maple Grove MN offers the perfect location to visit.

A fine needle is used to administer the treatment. Botox chemical is injected in the muscles around the face using the fine needle. Botox can be applied to any part that one needs it to be administered. The toxin is however mostly used on the muscles of the face. This process is not time consuming and one is ready to go on with their chores almost immediately or within a short duration after administration.

The treatment is usually used in a very mild and highly diluted form of the Botox toxin. When injected in the right dosage, it should be able to erase a wide number of wrinkles, which includes crow feet, vertical frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines. The working of the toxin involves slowing muscles, which cause wrinkling due to contraction. The treatment can also lift corners of the mouth which sag as one ages.

Botox is a nerve agent, which means that it affects the contraction of nerves in the body. As such, when it is administered, the subject will feel numb for some time. The numbing goes away and how much numbing is experienced is highly depended on how much of the agent is administered. One needs to use an experienced doctor who can judge accurately how much of the agent they need to administer.

Most individual are concerned about the pain that they will experience during the process. The fact is that the injection is somehow painful. The intensity of pain is dependent on the area the injection is made. Injection made between eyebrows is usually the most painful of all.

To help with pain management, there are instances in which the physician may employ topical anesthesia. This is given 10 minutes prior to the injection of the treatment. As an alternative, a number of physicians employ ice in numbing the part to be injected prior to treatment being administered. This is helpful in significantly reducing the pain an individual experiences.

Just like any other drugs, Botox has side effects too. The side effects that emanate from this treatment are however minor and they rarely happen. One of the common side effects of Botox treatment is individuals experiencing droopiness of the eyebrows and eyelids. Normally the effect disappear after about two weeks of less. There is also a bruising effect experienced among some patients.

There are a few factors that normally determine the price of the treatment. One treatment usually costs around 400 dollars or so. However, doctors with a lot of experience tend to bill higher than those that are not. Usually the doctor administering the process will determine the quality of treatment and the result thereof.

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