Cataract Surgeon Beverly Hills Lists Down Other Causes Of Cataracts Apart From Age

By Michelle Wright

Your eyes have a lens that makes it possible for you to focus on objects that are near as well as those that are far. The eye lens is a transparent layer made of protein and water. With age the proteins could group together to form a cloudy growth that covers the center of the lens and causes vision impairment. This growth is a form of nuclear cataract that can be surgically removed to restore optimal vision. If you need the expertise of a qualified cataract surgeon Beverly Hills is an excellent place to begin your research.

Age is without debate the most prevalent cause of cataracts. While this may be the case, there are other forms of cataracts that are caused by varying factors. Patients with diabetes are at risk of cortical cataracts. In this case, the proteins grow and develop round the parameters of the lens. Vision issues are a common symptom of diabetes and an eye surgeon can help treat cortical cataracts.

The first sign of cortical cataracts is often experiencing glares when you look at lights at night. It will be in your best interests to schedule for a visit with an eye surgeon because the more you stall, the more the growth will move closer to the middle of the lens. This could make the concern serious and challenging to treat.

Traumatic cataracts occur after an eye injury caused by blunt or penetrating force. In most cases, the cataracts form over time and patients will not instantly realize that there is a grave problem in the brewing. Secondary cataracts on the other hand occur after correcting a vision concern, such as glaucoma or ocular disease.

Congenital cataracts are caused by birth defects and can be present at birth, though no intervention is required. Even so, surgery may be needed if the cataracts are too big and are causing vision impairment. Cortical or subcapsular cataracts are on the other hands caused by radiation therapy and they make the proteins to cloud behind the eye lens.

Cataracts, irrespective of their cause are highly treatable. A competent eye surgeon can perform a simple procedure to restore your proper vision and ensure that the concern does not worsen. During your first meeting with the surgeon, some tests will be conducted to understand your cataracts better and you will then receive guidance about the treatment alternatives you can consider.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that merely takes several minutes. Using the phacoemulsification process, the surgeon will painlessly remove the cataracts through a tiny cut made on your cornea. In order to break the protein particles down for easier suction, the experts will use special sound waves.

In order for a patient to enjoy optimal vision, an intraocular lens will be inserted to stand as a replacement for the impaired one. Because the eyes have a natural outward pressure, the lens in question will be firmly held in place. Appointments to adjust or replace it in the future will not be necessary.

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