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By Carolyn Sanders

ADHD is a mental condition related to neuro-development. Characteristics and symptoms include difficulty with attention span, behavior without regard to consequence not appropriate for the person's age and excessive activity. In an effort to help others living with the disorder, there are now several individuals hosting blogs and websites whom are sharing adhd stories, such as those found on ATTitude dot com.

Symptoms of the condition often begin to appear between six and twelve years of age. However, it is important that symptoms remain constant for six months or more before obtaining a diagnosis. For, in most cases, children of this age are still learning right from wrong. Whereas, actual symptoms of the disorder often appear in multiple locations such as home, school or during extracurricular events.

Most often, the most severe symptom is that of a short attention span which can often cause difficulty in school and when working on homework. Children and adults effected by the disorder can also experience hyper-focus, a condition in which a person can spend hours focused on play or tasks which the individual finds interesting, entertaining and rewarding. While this is the case, the disorder can also cause disruptions in modern society such as outbursts in public locations.

While a commonly diagnosed mental disorder in children, the cause still remains unknown. While, recent studies show the disorder effecting five to seven percent of children when diagnosed with the DSM-IV criteria and one to two percent of those with the ICD 10 criteria, there have been few studies in relation to the cause. Whereas, estimates show there are now 51 million people effected on a global scale.

The disorder is often diagnosed twice as often in boys than girls. At the same time, a number of girls are often misdiagnosed as symptoms are often different from that in boys. Whether boys or girls, approximately thirty to fifty percent of individuals will carry the disorder into adulthood. Whereas, between two to five percent of adults acquire the condition in adulthood.

Adult symptoms tend to vary from those experienced in childhood. For example, nervous energy can often replace bouts of hyperactivity in adulthood. Whereas, the order can often be difficult to decipher from high energy levels which are often common in adults whom participate in recreational activities. In addition, it is natural for most adults to be far more active than children.

Management and treatment recommendations vary from country to country though most all include counseling, medications and changes in lifestyle. In fact, applied behavior analysis can often be used in the treatment process, for it has been well proved that behaviors can be modified by changing the environment in which the behavior takes place. As such, while some children and adults may need to be medicated, others can improve with counseling and changes in lifestyle.

Anyone considering obtaining a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD or ODD need to be cautious. As ADHD, ADD and ODD are some of the most commonly misdiagnosed disorders, it is often suggested that if an individual is at all questioning a diagnosis, the individual acquire a second, or even third opinion. For, if placed on medication without need, there can often be negative reactions or side effects.

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