Yoga En Espanol New York Ny Is Your Mindfulness Solution

By Patrick Kennedy

By now just about everyone has heard about mindfulness and all the wonderful benefits it has to offer. However, knowing something is good for us and actually making it a part of our life is two very different things. One of the best ways to make it a regular habit is by combining it with yoga en espanol new york ny and changing your life with it.

Mindfulness is a very simple concept but a littler harder to put into practice. It is about being in the moment and being fully aware of what you are doing and feeling. By being in the present and not caught up in your thoughts about the past or the future you are more able to deal with everything life throws at you and you won't wake up one day amazed at how many years have gone by.

Meditation and mindfulness are very similar, or even part of the same process. However, meditation has somewhat of a bad reputation as it is associated with sitting uncomfortably in silence for hours on end. Mindfulness is a more accessible version, especially now that there are phone apps that can support your mindfulness journey.

Yoga is about joining the body and mind and because of this it has mindfulness built into the practise. Many people think of yoga as simply stretching, but it is much more complicated than that and offers numerous health benefits. There are many different aspects to yoga, but one of them is meditation or mindfulness and when combined with the poses and movement it can be very powerful.

The best way to reap the benefits of anything is to make it a habit and this is especially the case with mindfulness. You only need to spend a few minutes a day on your practice and if you are combining it with yoga then it is even easier as it is built right into the practice. Set aside a few minutes each day when you can be alone and focus on yourself.

One of the things that really puts people off is trying to find enough time each day to practise mindfulness. However, what a lot of people don't realise is that you can benefit with just a few minutes a day. You don't need any equipment or to go anywhere, you just need a couple of minutes of peace and quiet to clear your mind.

Yoga is all about doing no harm. For some people this means helping other people, for others it means eating a strictly vegan diet. What this also means is looking after yourself. This is vital and mindfulness enables us to do this by giving us permission to spend a little time on ourselves without worrying about anything else.

Using the movement and habit of yoga to create a mindfulness habit is becoming increasingly popular, for the simple reason that it works. It helps us to set aside time for something that is so important and will have such a positive effect on our lives. Finding moments of peace in an otherwise busy world is one of the best gifts you can possibly give yourself.

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