To Study Acupuncture Canada Is Worth Visiting

By Carolyn Evans

Acupuncture is a very old form of healing that was in use more than 2, 500 years ago in ancient China. Regardless of this method being very old, it has become widespread in the modern society a lot. It is currently being used widely in the United States, the UK, Canada and many other Western countries. The popularity of this method continues to grow every day and more and more people adopt it. When one needs to Study acupuncture Canada should be visited.

Each year, millions of Americans are using this technique to heal a wide range of medical conditions affecting them. The origin of this word acupuncture is the Latin language. Acus which is the first part of the word means needle while pungere which is the second part stands for prick. This method uses needles that are very thin almost like hair strands.

The needles have to be placed carefully along the spinal cord. The needles are not placed without an order, rather, the placement is done in acupuncture points. Once the needles have been placed in position, they are manipulated manually using hands. Alternatively, the manipulation can be done using electrical stimulation in what is called electroacupuncture. Other forms of energy that can be used for manipulation include pressure, laser, and heat energy.

Acupressure is the name given to the use of pressure in manipulation whereas moxibustion is for heat. The needles are manipulated for the purpose of realigning vital body energies. There is a belief that a variety of medical conditions can be cured when the vital energies are realigned and are flowing normally.

The widespread adoption of acupuncture in the US and other western countries has led to very many clinical trials being conducted. Many scientists and researchers are also dedicating a lot of time and resources to conduct research in this field. The research and clinical trials are aimed at determining the efficiency of the method. Many academic institutions such as universities are also offering courses in this discipline.

Prior to 1950s, this practice was unheard of in the US. Back then in the United States very few knew people about this practice. Unfortunately, those who were aware of it never showed any eagerness in pursuing it. To add on this, there were few professionals practicing it, which in turn hindered people from learning more about it. But, the 1972 visit by President Nixon to China changed all this.

The visit sparked a lot of interest in traditional Chinese medicine among many Americans. Also, as the number of Americans that are diagnosed with chronic illnesses increase, more interest in alternative medicine increased. This newly founded interest caught the attention of the scientific community. The political arena was later dragged into the debate and politicians were forced to act.

Complimentary medical forms were later recognized following the establishment of the Office of Alternative Medicine. The US congress established this office in 1992. The Institute of Health later published A National consensus in the year 1997. Cited in the consensus was level one efficacy of acupuncture in treating post-surgical nausea, pain, and vomiting.

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