Things One Need To Know About Navicular Disease In Horses

By Janet Martin

There are times when horses experience some inflammations of their navicular bone. The condition is as a result of various reasons. In this case, one needs to identify the problem early enough before it becomes severe. The problem is mostly managed by specialists who have skills in offering veterinary services that will guarantee their good health. Hence, below are things to understand about the Navicular Disease in Horses.

The condition is caused by a variety of issues. Among the issues includes poor trimming of the horse hooves, wrong shoeing and poor choice of horseshoes. These factors result in injuries to the horse feet which cause interference of blood flow all over the feet. With the wrong choice of shoes, it means that they will also be attached wrongly. Therefore, when they expand or contract, they cause issues with blood circulation.

Engaging the horse into intense work on a daily basis can contribute to the syndrome. Such work may include tasks like working on steep hills, galloping and so on. This results in exacting great stress on the tendons and causing over-extension of their coffin joints. Moreover, engaging the animal into regular exercises on irregular surfaces increase the chances of your horse suffering from the condition.

There is a need for you to check your horse more frequently. This will help you realize such issues when they are about to occur. Knowing in advance can enable you to look for veterinary assistance before the condition worsens. You will have a chance of looking for a well-trained and experienced veterinary expert who can help handle the issue. You need to consider one who will provide trustworthy and reliable services.

The medication procedures will ensure that the blood flow in the hoof vessels is highly improved. There are multiple ways which can help to facilitate their health. Anticoagulants are among the best substances used to help improve the blood flow. It helps to relieve pain and ensure that the lameness resolves issues caused by wrong shoeing. Hence, making sure your horse gains good health again.

In some instances, the problem can be severe to the extent that your horse will require some surgical operation. The procedure is helpful to ensure that the issue has been alleviated for good. It should not have any adverse effect on the animal whatsoever and should assure good health. Moreover, you have to maintain high levels of hygiene during the healing process to make sure that the animal gains good health.

There is a need for one to consider following the right guidelines provided by the veterinary service provider. The animal needs to be feed with nutritious feeds which will help enhance fast recovery. Therefore, you must be keen on the type of feeds you provide them with and the conditions given.

You need to be knowledgeable about the issues related to these types of conditions. Having adequate details will help you know how to handle and treat your horse. Much of the information you should have can be acquired from online educational platforms. There are e-learning materials, and blogs which will equip you with the necessary knowledge about horse health.

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