Skincare Manufacturers Offer Organic Beauty Products That Won't Harm The Skin And Health

By Patrick Ward

Health experts say that before you leave your bathroom in the morning you are already exposed to over a hundred types of chemicals. Such can be blamed on the various beauty products that you can't live without. It's very important for you to be aware of the fact that your favorite soap, body scrub, moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up could be undermining your beauty and health, too. This is the reason why it is a good idea for you to switch to organically-made cosmetics that trusted skincare manufacturers of today are offering.

The use of organically-made commodities is a wonderful idea most especially if your skin is the sensitive type. This is due to the fact that they are free of anything that could lead to redness and itchiness. Instead of making you look and feel fantastic, non-organic lotions, make-ups and others can cause the complete opposite.

So many women never forget to apply their favorite cosmetics on an everyday basis in order to slow down the process of skin aging. Eye creams, skin moisturizers and sunscreens are some of those that sell like hot cakes as dermatologist confirm the important roles they play in fending off premature aging signs of the skin. Unfortunately, the kinds that are non-organic can actually promote faster skin aging because of their irritating and damaging ingredients.

Experts confirm that up to 60 percent of what you put on your skin end up in your bloodstream. This could cause massive problems because non-organic cosmetics tend to contain chemicals that are dubbed by scientists as hormone disruptors. Simply put, these are chemicals known to trigger an imbalance in the hormones inside your body.

Women in particular are sensitive to the negative effects of hormone imbalance. If already you are in the menopausal stage, it's very much likely for you to encounter severe menopause symptoms if you keep on using beauty commodities that contain hormone disruptors. If in the family way, it's a must for you to quit using those as numerous studies say that they may increase risk of various pregnancy-related complications.

Hormone disruption is a very serious matter, health authorities confirm. A lot of synthetic chemicals present in so many beauty products these days may increase a woman's risk of suffering from various types of cancer. Some examples of those, according to scientists, are cancer of the breasts and ovaries.

However, it's not just your appearance and health that are in danger if you love non-organic beauty commodities. Each time you use the sink or step foot inside the shower, harmful compounds in your cosmetics can end up in the environment. This is very much likely to poison plants and animals, and also humans eventually. If you care about yourself and also the planet you are living on, go for cosmetics made organically.

If you deeply care about the planet as well as your health and beauty, shop wisely. Opt for nothing but beauty products that are organically-made. Unfortunately, in order to rake in profit shady manufacturers could easily claim that their offerings are organic even though they're absolutely not. To make sure that what you are about to pay for is in fact organic, check that it's coming from a reputable company.

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