Guidelines To Boost The Longevity Of Your Permanent Makeup OKC

By Ann Roberts

On average, you should expect permanent makeup to last for about five years. Whether your cosmetic tattoos will last for this long will, however, depend on the precautions you take. There are proven ways of ensuring that they last for the intended number of years, without forcing you prematurely invest in reapplication services. If you desire to get permanent makeup OKC has a dependable number of proficient artists to offer.

The natural pigment that is injected into the skin will sit under your skins dermal layer. This means that it cannot be washed or wiped off. However, you may want to make it a habit to use sun protection creams. This should prevent the color from fading because of over exposure to the UV rays of the sun.

Ideally, you should wear a protective moisturizer or sunscreen even when the weather is not sunny outside. Even during the winter, there are UV rays that can toy with the appearance of your cosmetic tattoo. Also choose to wear a hat and sunglasses to further protect the cosmetic tattoos on your face. Because lighter ink fades quicker than dark ink, avoiding tanning beds would also be necessary.

The majorities of people will routinely exfoliate their skin to get rid of dead skin cells. You should, however, limit the use of exfoliating products if you want your cosmetic tattoos to last. What happens is that these products encourage new skin cell growth and this can reduce the appearance of your cosmetic tattoos. To limit the effects of exfoliation, do not use products with Retin-A, because they speed up the skin cell turnover process.

You could choose to avoid using exfoliants on areas with cosmetic tattoos. In case you must exfoliate them, ensure that you only use a small amount of product on the areas. Other products that are known to affect the life expectancy of cosmetic tattoos include chemical peels, grainy facial exfoliants, masks and hydroxyl cleaners.

Another tip that could enhance the longevity of a service is drinking plenty of water and using top quality moisturizers. If the skin is deprived of moisture, it tends to turn flaky and this will make your lip liner, eyeliner or brows appear cracked or faded. Using an exfoliant-free moisturizing cream each day should make your permanent makeup look superb. You should also make it a trend to drink not less than eight cups of water daily to keep your skin supple and plump. Some of the dehydrating beverages you may want to avoid include alcohol and soda.

There are numerous benefits allied to seeking permanent makeup services. To begin with, you will enjoy zero maintenance makeup and you can have a carefree time walking in the rain, rubbing your eyes and even diving into pools. Another benefit that cannot go without mentioning is that you will save a lot of money and valuable time.

You should do a keen research for a trained and seasoned expert if you want to benefit from an impeccable service. For any artist to develop an unmatched skill set, he or she needs to not only go through a rigorous training period, but also an apprenticeship period not to mention spend years earning hands-on experience. That said; do not expect excellent services at cheap rates.

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