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By Stephen Graham

Removal of body hair is a process many people have undergone. For a very long time, several procedures have been designed and used in removing body hairs. Some of these methods include using laser and wax among others. As of today, the most advanced method is the use of lasers. When one needs Laser Hair Center Plano offers the perfect location to visit.

Lasers are used to remove hairs on the body for several different reasons. For instance, the results that are achieved when hairs are removed using lasers are long-lasting and even permanent in some cases. The permanence achieved often depends on the number of times one goes for the treatment. In most cases, going for the treatment for 6 to 8 times usually clears the target area of hairs completely and permanently.

The principle behind the working of a laser is that light gets diffused into various wavelengths. This process employs a specific wavelength of light tuned to a particular frequency spectrum. The pigments in the hair follicles absorb the laser energy which is then converted into heat. Heat produced here disables the follicles, rendering them incapable of growing more hairs. The follicles are damaged without the risk of destroying the skin around them.

There is a hand-held device which produces the laser that is used in this process. The device is put in contact with the skin during treatment. It is a comfortable and painless process. The FDA has approved the equipment used in the procedure. The FDA has also approved the class of laser used for this function in the US. No one should feel uncomfortable after the process.

The advantage of this process is that it can be used on almost any part of the body. For instance, it can be used on eyebrows, armpits, tummy, back, chest, head, arms, feet, thighs, genitals, and buttocks. The treatment may however not be suitable for use on the bony ridge of eye sockets. The danger here is that the laser energy may destroy the eye if it gets in contact with it.

Everyone is a viable candidate for this treatment but there are some who are better candidates. Individuals with light, dark hair and a light skin tone are the best. Also, those with light brown, blonde, or red skin colors are good candidates. Those individuals who have white hair throughout are not suitable candidates and should opt for electrolysis instead.

The duration of the process is dependent on numerous factors. The size and the area of anatomy are the major determining factors of how long the process takes. If the particular area is large with a complex topology, it might take long to ready it. Normally the legs and the back consume the longest time. The time taken here is approximately sixty to ninety minutes. As for the top of the ears and the upper lips, this lasts for about ten minutes.

In case one has any serious skin condition, they should talk to their doctor first before going for this process. The doctor who performs this process will also have to perform certain tests to ascertain the suitability of the candidate. It is dangerous to try the condition if the doctor advises against it.

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