Dodging Complications Via Non-Surgery Facelift Available At A Med Spa Plano Residents Visit

By Angela Wallace

More and more women these days are discovering the wonders of undergoing a non-surgical facelift. Compared to its more traditional counterpart, it is regarded as generally safer and cheaper. Someone who likes to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles simply has to step foot inside a reputable med spa Plano beauty-conscious women trust.

A non-surgical facelift, just like what the name suggests, is a procedure that aims to tighten the skin of the face without surgery. Instead of scalpels, completely different tools or solutions are employed. Some very common examples include laser, light emitting diodes or LED, micro needling pen, platelet-rich plasma or PRP, chemical peels, botox and dermal fillers.

Even though today's market offers all sorts of topically-used anti-aging solutions, lots of beauty-aware women are not completely satisfied with them. That's because the said products are effective only for fine lines and wrinkles that are mild in severity. It goes without saying that their regular application is pointless if the facial lines are already deep and fully defined.

Such is the very reason why plastic surgeons are approached by women who are unhappy with the results that topically-used anti-aging products can provide. By means of a facelift, it becomes possible to tighten facial skin to get rid of severe lines on the face. Sadly, many women are actually having second thoughts due to the fact that undergoing an operation comes with certain risks. One of the things that make meeting with a plastic surgeon intimidating is that general anesthesia has to be administered before the operation.

There are certain factors that make general anesthesia administration even riskier. You have to be really careful especially if you are obese. The same is true if you are at risk of blood clots. It's exactly because of the dangers involved why your medical history has to be taken into account. Aside from the administration of general anesthesia, there are a few other things that make undergoing the knife terrifying. You also have to worry about matters such as bruising, inflammation, pain, and risk for an infection. Scarring is something that should be considered, too.

High-risk women may consider undergoing a facelift that is non-surgical in nature. Without the need for general anesthesia administration, looking great need not come with serious risks and complications. Even though a non-surgical facelift may sometimes entail the administration of anesthesia, it's the topical kind that is deemed harmless by physicians.

These days, laser therapy is undeniably one of the most popular forms of facelift without surgery. With the use of laser, damaged skin tissue can be eliminated. The production of skin-firming collagen can be enhanced as well. Other sought-after procedures that entail no general anesthesia and scalpel use are micro needling and chemical peels.

Non-surgical facelift is certainly a wonderful option for women who like to steer clear of general anesthesia and scalpels. By means of non-invasive and semi-invasive procedures, it is very much possible for a more youthful appearance to be obtained. However, the non-surgical approach is not completely free of risks. It's for this reason why women should step foot inside reputable med spas only.

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