Discovering Alternative Treatments To CPAP

By Harold Brooks

While there have been a number of different treatments attempted to calm Sleep Apnea and snoring issues, there are now new and different products. While there are now a few different alternative treatments to CPAP, one product, Inspire works from within the body and the normal breathing process. With inspire, physicians implant a tiny device under the skin in an outpatient procedure.

All an individual has to do is turn on the device by turning on a remote before sleep to allow the stimulation of muscles and airway to open. Once awake, simply turn the remote off and the device will reset automatically.

The device works with natural breathing patterns without the need for heavy CPAP equipment or cleaning machines. As such, most people using the device wake up alert, aware and refreshed. In addition, there is no grogginess or sleepiness from a lack of sleep due to the loud noise which a number CPAP machines create.

Individuals with sleep apnea or loud snoring knows the stress these conditions can cause for partners. For, partners often have issues getting a good night's sleep whether from loud snoring or the sound of breathing equipment. As such, Inspire can not only have positive results for the individual with the implant but others as well.

After a number of trials and studies, the device was approved by the FDA in 2014 as being safe and effective for use in humans. In addition, the product also has the ability to save lives, as being quieter than a CPAP machine, a partner is more likely to hear any unusual breathing patterns and call for help when and where necessary. Whereas, when an individual is using a traditional breathing machine, it can often be difficult to distinguish difficulties in breathing from the noise generated by the equipment.

According to ongoing studies with regards to individuals currently using the device, there has been a seventy nine percent reduction in sleep apnea. The device has also been proven to reduce daytime sleepiness by reducing snoring and allowing for better overall sleep patterns. As such, most Inspire users have been extremely satisfied with the product as a good alternative to external breathing treatments.

Finding a doctor whom can provide an Inspire implant can be found easily be entering a zip code at inspire sleep dot com. For, there are over one hundred fifty doctors currently prescribing the treatment for long term sleep disorders. In addition to the zip code search, individuals can also find a link to a number clinics providing the treatment listed by state at the bottom of the landing page.

Before attempting to acquire an Inspire or other alternative to CPAP, it is important to check with current health care providers and insurance companies to assure the device would be a good option. In addition, as some insurance companies may not provide coverage for alternative treatments, it is also advised that individuals discuss any alternative treatments with insurance carriers. After which, it can often be much easier to decide whether an Inspire implant could be a good choice to replace a CPAP machine.

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