By Consulting An Obstetrician Los Angeles Patients Opt For High Quality Care

By Gary Kelly

Despite the fact that millions of babies are born every year, pregnancy still remain a miraculous time. It is amazing that an expectant woman is actually nurturing a brand new life inside her body. But this is also the time when great care should be taken with the health of both the mother and the unborn baby. Both can have an impact on the health of the other. By opting for the services of an obstetrician Los Angeles women make sure that they are looked after by a highly qualified specialist.

It is a common mistake to think that gynecologists and obstetricians are just different names for the same profession. They both focus on female patients but their areas of expertise are different. Obstetricians are only concerned with pregnant women and their unborn babies. Gynecologists specialize in all the various conditions related to the female reproductive parts. The two professions work closely together, however and will refer patients to each other.

The bulk of pregnancies proceed without problems and complications. Obstetricians are very expensive and most pregnant women are cared for by their house doctors and attended by a midwife during and after the birth. If complications do occur, however, these dedicated professionals are not always qualified to deal with the matter. In such cases the services of obstetricians are vital.

The days when problems, complications and deformities in babies could only be identified and treated after birth are long gone. These days obstetricians have a wide variety of tests whereby they can identify and diagnose a large variety of medical conditions related to the unborn infant. By treating these conditions at an early stage, long before birth, the chances of a smooth and trouble free birth are greatly enhanced.

Many pregnant women that cannot afford the services of a specialist throughout their pregnancies nevertheless see obstetricians late in their pregnancies and ask them to tend to the actual birth. Unfortunately, this will only allow the obstetrician to deal with the consequences of complications and problems rather than treating them long before they became big issues. Many obstetricians are reluctant to take on patients late during their pregnancies.

Obstetricians do not look after the health of babies after birth. They will only be involved for the period of the pregnancy, the actual birth and the period directly after the birth. Thereafter the case of the mother and baby is taken over by other specialists such as gynecologists and pediatricians. The only exception is when there are serious complications during or soon after the birth.

Many female patients prefer to see only one trusted specialist that can deal with all their feminine problems. That is why a reasonable percentage of obstetricians also qualify as gynecologists. This allows them to care for their female patients at all times, not just during pregnancy. For the patients, this is a much more comfortable situation and it is also often more cost effective too.

Many babies and mothers owe their lives to the ability of obstetricians to identify and deal with health problems long before they become dangerous. For them, the high cost of obstetricians is worth every penny. The life of a newborn baby can certainly not be expressed in fiscal terms.

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