Application Of Nail Paints And How To Do That Properly

By Jennifer Wilson

Most of the time, women are misunderstood because of their obsession on making sure they are looking good from head to toe. They like their hair perfect and cute, they also would like their skin to be healthy and fair, they want their face to look prettier and so on. There are lots and lots of products that can achieve that desired look and vibe to accentuate the personality of a woman. One of which is the chrome nail polish used on nails to paint them in so many different colors that attracts the entire hand and adds an additional complementary vibe on every fashion sense worn.

These types of polish are special and fab looking as they are metallic and shiny. They look great when light hits through it because it reflects and shines in beautiful colors. But, before putting such kind of paints on nails, one should do some preparation on it so applying it would look even better.

Of course, just like painting the shaping of fingernails are equally important. Go grab the nail cutter and nail file out of shelf and start forming the nails on whatever shape preferred. Make sure to trim them equally in length so that nothing looks off when showing them.

To improve the surfaces of nails and allow smooth application of colors, try buffing them. The good thing with having to buff the nails is that it removes those ridges making it look really level and pretty. Though, there are high risks as well when doing such processes as it tend to create friction on nails that somehow can cause breaking when the buffing is overdone.

After doing all these on all ten fingernails, wash the hands entirely with water and soap. This is to remove those dirt which were stuck on the hands and nails. Dry them afterwards so that the action will be up next. Prepare the chrome colors that will be used and make sure to choose those product which are highly reliable with a good quality.

Now painting wise, apply the base coat first before putting any metallic colors on fingernails. The importance of using such products are it helps the main nail paints to cling on the surface. This will make it last longer and it prevents the dark colors of those polish staining the fingernails.

Make sure that the base paints are dry before applying the first layer of metallic polish so that it will not stick around the brush. With the base color on top, it could lighten the register of the polish at its first try so to darken it adding another layer would be nice. Though, it depends on the choice of a woman.

A quick reminder that when applying these paints, do not do it on repetitive motion because it will make the texture ugly and sticky. The polished nails will not be achieved if ever. Three brush strokes is enough, one on the middle, one on the right side and then on other side as well.

Right after the preferred layers are applied, then put the top coat as it dries. This will protect the top colors from being ruined when exposed to water or some chores. After that, have the edges cleaned from smudges of polish.

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