Allergist Middletown DE Tips On Reducing Severity

By Mary Nelson

Allergic reactions will be severe to some people while other experience slight irritation. It is the desire of everyone to have the least bothersome reaction. This is why expert allergist Middletown DE has recommended measures to reduce the severity of reaction. These measures apply regardless of the type of allergy you are dealing with.

Know the source of your allergy. People will react differently depending on the source. Some are allergic to pollen while others will react to dust. There are people who react to perfumes and others to smells. It will only be possible to take preventive measures if you know the cause of your allergic reaction. Unless you can distinguish between different causes, it will be difficult to find a remedy.

Do not rub the section of your skin that has been affected by the allergen. Most allergic reactions come with an itchy feeling. It is therefore very tempting to rub or scratch. However, this exposes inner skin tissues and spreads allergens to other parts. In fact, you should wash the area with warm water and a soft cloth without rubbing.

The area that gets irritated by the allergen should remain covered at all times especially when near the sensitive allergen. The areas that are mostly affected are the skin, eyes and nose. The cover becomes the primary shield to prevent allergens from getting to your skin. As a result, the nasty reactions will not be experienced. The cloth used to cover such a surface should be loose so that it does not rub over the skin.

Avoid particular places and situations where the allergic reaction is likely to occur. An example is a farm or yard where pollen is prevalent. In case you have a problem with particular chemicals, you should avoid areas and situations where they are prevalent. It might be difficult to avoid the seasons when pollen is all over the air. The option here is to cover your skin or use a mask.

Oil and petroleum jelly is an excellent remedy for allergic reactions. They are used to cover the skin and therefore ensure that allergens do not come into contact with your skin. Further, oil will soften the surface to protect you against scratching. In case you scratch, your skin cannot irritate or be broken. Some oils may also cause allergic reactions. This means that you must also be cautious when choosing the oils to apply.

A mask will do wonders to protect you against allergens that are inhaled. This will only protect you from allergens present in dust and the air you breathe. The mask will protect you against sneezing and nasal irritation. These masks prevent dust and allergens from passing through. You are therefore protected from the nasty reaction you would otherwise have to experience if the mask was not present.

The severity of allergic reactions is affected by your state of health. A body with enhanced capacity to fight diseases will also perform better against allergens. Work with a professional allergist to help you understand your condition and provide the best solution. Without professional support, you will be working on trial and error, a situation that will be difficult to resolve.

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