A Short Introduction To NJ Qi Gong

By Sharon Ellis

The first impression that most people have about Qi Gong is that it is an old people sort of exercise. Sure, there are a lot of people who do this exercise but that is because it is very beneficial for their overall health. Beyond the old people and the slow motion movements, NJ Qi Gong is actually much more than just that and can be an overall lifestyle.

As the name implies, this exercise makes use of internal energy that is known as chi. One would probably familiar with the concept of chi if he or she watches those old kung fu movies wherein the monks can sustain hits and crush bricks with their bare hands. To a certain extent, these feats are actually true because practitioners know exactly how to manipulate this internal energy.

This exercise manipulates chi usually for two purposes being health purposes and combat. The manipulation of chi allows the practitioner to have stronger internal organs, thus making him or her healthier. At the same time, the energy is manipulated to make the practitioner physically stronger and have more stamina for fighting.

So by knowing a bit of a background of this art, then one knows more about how the concept of internal energy works. With that, one may start off with some of the basics of this type of exercise. The first exercise to learn would be the swaying exercise wherein one will stand shoulder width with hands up. From there, one will start slowly and softly swaying until one would start feeling the chi in his or her fingertips.

The next basic exercise is called the bounce wherein the same stance is applied. Also, the same type of fluid motion is applied. The only difference between the sway and this one would be the movement wherein the movement is a bouncing up and down movement.

Another great exercise is the accordion exercise. This exercise allows the practitioner to feel the chi by compressing it in his or her hands. To do this exercise, one has to sit down, close both eyes and put both hands together facing each other. From there, one slowly and softly separates the hands from each twelve inches apart, bring them back together and repeat the cycle.

Lastly, one will have to learn the basic breathing exercises that involve some light meditation. One of the most basic breathing exercises would be the concentration of chi into the Dantian. Basically, one will assume a cross legged sitting position with both eyes closed. From there, one will breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly while concentrating the breath into the nasal area or the Dantian.

If one is interested in taking up this art, here are a few things that he or she will be learning. Always remember that an internal art like this would require a teacher for the foundation lessons. Only after one has already mastered the basic can he or she practice alone or with an instruction manual.

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