A List Of Common Issues That Can Be Addressed By A Gynecologist Beverly Hills

By Kenneth Cox

Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in providing womens health care services. They can diagnose and treat reproductive system concerns in women and even lend a hand with issues that touch on childbirth, menstruation, menopause, hormonal imbalances and sexual health. For you to ensure your reproductive wellness, you must visit your specialist for checkups at least once annually. During the hunt for the best gynecologist Beverly Hills could offer you a decent number of top rated experts.

There are certain concerns that would make it crucial for you to seek an appointment with a seasoned gynecologist. You need to visit an expert if you have menstrual issues such as heavy bleeding, irregular periods or even extreme PMS symptoms. Before treatment can be offered, the expert will first seek to understand the root cause of your concerns.

The need to schedule for an annual pelvic exam should not be underestimated. Once a woman is above the age of 18 or once she becomes sexually active, yearly pelvic exams would be of basic importance. A competent gynecologist can check from health concerns that affect the cervix, ovaries and uterus. The expert can also decide to perform a PAP smear to obtain cell samples that can be used to test for grave concerns like cervical cancer.

Your gynecologist can offer invaluable help if you suffer from sexual health or reproductive issues. He or she can lend a hand through all phases of family planning and help you choose the right birth control option, address any fertility concerns and even monitor your pregnancy all through the three trimesters of pregnancy. Childbirth complications like obstetric fistula or uterine prolapse can also be addressed by a seasoned gynecologist.

It is common sense practice to see your gynecologist for checks and treatment if you suspect that you have contracted an STD. The professional can also offer treatment for sexual expression and dysfunction in women. A seasoned doctor can offer care for concerns that impact reproductive organs such as yeast infections, fibroids, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries.

Menopause is not as swift as many may assume. There are harsh symptoms such as night sweats, mood swings and hot flashes that you may experience right before you stop getting your periods. Because you will be going through an important change in your life, working with a competent gynecologist would be crucial.

There are treatments ideal for different lifestyles that can be offered to women battling with menopause symptoms. You will also need to get regular checks because menopause can cause issues like urinary incontinence and osteoporosis. Women going through menopause are also at greater risk of breast cancer.

Research shows that about 30% of women who are between 30 and 60 years old suffer from a certain degree of urinary incontinence. Urine leaks can be caused by pregnancy, stress and obesity among other concerns. In this case, your practitioner will help to determine the cause of a concern and recommend medication or treatment. It remains crucial to schedule for a checkup the instance you experience any unusual signs.

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