Why You Should Turn To An Atlanta TMJ Specialist At The End Of Your Life

By Eric Wagner

One of the most difficult times in a person s life is when their loved ones reach the end of their battle with terminal illness. It is at this time that it becomes incredibly important to ensure proper care for that person. That is when Atlanta TMJ specialist becomes vitally important.

When you put your family member into this type of care you may hear it referred to as an end of life care. Here they will care for the needs of the patient who is terminally ill as well as the people who care for them. One of the main goals of these doctors is to prevent suffering for their patients. To achieve this they identify and treat problems before they escalate. This type of care is often referred to as a holistic approach as they care for all physical, spiritual, and psychological issues.

When you are in palliative care the doctors will aim to provide you with relief from pain and any symptoms that cause distress. The main difference is that they do not aim to extend the patients life. All attention is given to helping that person accept death and realize that it is a natural event. A fear of death can make the last moments of an individuals life rather difficult. Thus acceptance is freeing.

Upon entrance into an end of life care, the patient is assessed by several health care practitioners. This team of doctors will look at both the needs of the patient and the needs of the family. An evaluation is then made that defines the needs of all of the involved parties. A treatment plan is then formulated. Frequently, a crucial aspect of this treatment plan is bereavement counseling.

Several studies seem to indicate that individuals who receive this end of life care notice a significant impact on the course of their illness. Not only do they notice a significant decrease in their symptoms but they will often find that they experience less pain. There is also a drastic reduction in the rates of depression experienced by these patients

Most experts agree that this form of treatment is most effective when there is early intervention. If it is offered early after diagnosis the lower the risks of experiencing distressing symptoms. Additionally, when there are other treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy offered the benefits are multiplied. Early intervention is also great for the family of the terminally ill individual. They have greater insight into dealing with their family members disease.

Sadly, end of life care is offered to all individuals not only for the elderly. There are specific centers that focus entirely on providing end of life care to the very young. Children who receive a diagnosis for terminal cancer are the main focus for these treatments. When a child is diagnosed with a terminal illness they will be offered end of life care at the same time. This is not the case for adults. However, the focus of this treatment remains the same. All treatment aims to reduce distress in the patient.

What makes the end of life care so special is that both the patients and their families are important. It helps to reduce symptoms and makes all of the emotions a little easier.

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