What You Should Know About Botox

By Pamela Perry

There has been a lot of changes in the world of medicine and cosmetology in particular during the last three decades. The introduction of botulinum toxin commonly referred to as Botox in the 1980s has been part of the evolution. This is one of the most celebrated drugs in the world with millions of users worldwide.

Many people praise the drug as it is reliable, affordable and convenient. It provides a quick fix to anyone who does not want to undergo surgery to achieve the same results. The drug has been marketed as one which can be administered in a record fifteen minutes. This means a user can get the injection during a lunch break. The number of people who are now using it on their faces has been on the rise. The drug once injected on the facial muscles, paralyzes them and removes wrinkles temporarily.

Many people especially the modern woman find the drug very appealing. This is not just because it is affordable but also because it is acceptable socially. It has become a culture entrenched in modern society and is quite widespread. The simplicity and popularity of the drug's procedure have seen it being administered in malls and spas all over the world. In some places the drug is so common it is being administered in non-clinical settings.

The drug is mostly used to remove frown lines or expression lines on the face. Once administered the lines are removed temporarily on the user's face and this gives the user a youthful look. The drug has been referred to as the anti-aging wonder drug mainly because of its effectiveness to remedy wrinkles.

Ideally, the drug should be administered by a licensed provider and treatment should be carried out in a professional setting. The provider injects a diluted form of the drug into the facial muscles of a user. On the frown lines, a user can receive three injections on each side and in the middle area. The results are visible within three to ten days and not instant as the marketers try to make the public believe.

During this time the facial muscles are paralyzed. The user may find it difficult to make certain facial expressions such as frowning or scowling during this time. The wrinkles also disappear as the facial movement is controlled.

The drug should only be used in its diluted form since in that form no significant risks can arise. But when not diluted the risks are severe to the respiratory system. In extreme cases, death can occur. It is therefore important for a user to ensure that the professional administering the drug is licensed.

Once a user starts using the drug, he or she needs to get at least two or three injections every year to maintain the youthful face. Otherwise, the temporary youthful look wears off after a few months. This contributes to the popularity of the drug as more users enlist to the lifetime maintenance program of the drug.

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