What Causes Food Sensitivity According To Allergist Middletown DE

By Charles Butler

Apart from disliking a certain diet, there could be a negative reaction from following such a diet. Some of the most common food sensitivity symptoms are minor, mild yet some are deadly. A symptom is the outward physical evidence seen or felt after ingesting foods not compatible with the body system, for that always listen to Allergist Middletown DE. There are many reasons for this, from genetics, age, and many other unknown reasons.

People react differently in time and severity of symptoms according to the extent of individual immune reaction. When the body is not tolerant or is sensitive to certain food it reacts the same way as to infections. The food is taken as a foreign unwanted object and the body reacts by rejecting the food.

Similarly, diarrhea can be an excessive symptom causing the body to be dehydrated. Dehydration signs include pale skin, weak body and dry lips, this is not only a sign of loss of fluids but also electrolyte imbalance in the body also visible by dry flaky skin in prolonged symptoms. Constipation is another symptom related to the gastric system. This may last for a few days or more after the first signs which are detected after hours of eating food.

While discussing the individual body structures and functions; body systems are also not the same. When the digestion of an individual is accelerated due to certain foods the results or symptoms include very quick weight gain or weight loss depending on the absorption rate of food or metabolism. It is the main cause of different diabetes conditions.

Indirect is when the body detects the nut presence even in trace presence. This is a highly sensitive reaction and the symptoms are just the same as the direct consumption. The symptoms may vary from nausea, vomiting to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening shock reaction causing difficulty in breathing and lowered oxygen absorption.

Included is unexplained weight gain or weight loss, this may seem like a real mystery when following what is though as a good diet. Shown by fat deposits in different parts or all over the body. Joint pain is another possible symptom of sensitivity to certain foods. Such symptoms are usually continuous and last longer, they are difficult to diagnose as are least expected of sensitivity reaction to food.

Children are easily affected with such reactions, while may tend to be presented as an over-energetic manner of a child. Such behavior may also include behavioral change which is sudden accompanied by strange mood swings.

Rarely an overdose from natural food only causes vitamin toxins, prolonged use of supplement drinks and meals would cause liver detoxification and jaundice. Symptoms are visible by the yellowish pigment in the eyes, nails, and skin, extreme body fatigue and loss of appetite. Nausea, vomiting, and headache are always the most common and immediate reaction of the body to almost all conditions known to men.

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