Understanding The Activator Method Technique With A Chiropractor In Charlotte NC

By Eve Briner

The Activator Method is an instrument adjusting technique used by chiropractors around the world. This technique is a gentle, low-force approach that helps restore spinal balance and overall pain remediation and healing. This technique has also been studied over many years with positive results each and every time.

Skilled chiropractors who have lots of experience in their filed have mastered this method for people who need rapid and lasting pain relief. As the most popular instrument of choice among chiropractors world-wide, this tool gives patients gentle adjustments that are needs-specific. With rapid thrusts that are just as comfortable as they are gentle, people are able to experience solace and an increased send of well-being through controlled pain remediation and spinal restoration.

The Activator Method Technique is a popular form of spinal adjustment. However, the tool is considered far superior than other manual or machine-assisted therapies. This is due to its gentle nature and approach on patients, which helps reset their spines without little to any discomfort of pain.

During a typical appointment, a patient will lie done on the adjustment table with his or her face down. Low back thrusts will be applied initially, but the thrusting movement will move gradually closer to the head. All of the individual vertebrae are targeted as the chiropractor looks for evidence of spinal distress. He or she will also be checking for discomfort in the extremities including pain that radiates or tingling that moves up and down the legs, back or spinal column.

Activator adjustments are applied to the tissues near the affected joints. Initial pressure is followed by quick thrusts from the device, which mimics knee reflex tests. Patients will remain still with no twisting or turning, and your chiropractor performs high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts across the body.

Once the technique has been completed, your provider will reassess the symptoms of the underlying problem. This way, your provider can accurately determine whether additional sessions are required or if you are fully stabilized and fully restored to your original health and mobility.

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