Tricks To Use When Searching For Online Transcription Services

By Joshua Martin

There is only so much you can do with audio files for research, interviews or meetings, among other engagements. You need them transcribed for distribution or filing. There are numerous online transcription services involving companies and freelancers that you can hire. However, there is no guarantee for quality unless you can hire the right people. Here are tips to consider during hiring.

Check their area and level of training. Transcribers are trained on how to handle the files and software in order to produce scripts that are understandable to third parties. There are institutions that train transcribers. Others learn on the job and indicate their level of skills or the type of files they can handle.

Are the target transcribers experienced enough to deliver quality work. Experience helps the transcribers to understand accents, dialects and context. It also ensures that the transcripts are delivered in the way you desire. There are fewer chances of errors when you engage experienced transcribers. This will reduce the time it takes to complete the work. An experienced transcriber understands what quality work means and will deliver exactly that.

Ask for references of clients or projects the transcribers have done. The names of these clients and their contact details will help you inquire about the quality of work they received. Clients who have worked with particular transcribers will either recommend their services or discourage you from using a particular transcriber. From the reference, you will learn about the quality of customer care and charges, among other important elements.

A friend will make a referral to make it easier to find a transcriber. The referral should come from a family member, associate or friend who has been served by the said transcriber. Through the referral, you learn about turn-around-time, quality of services, cost and such other important matters. You will also know whether the person is an amateur or a seasoned transcriber. A referral is fast since you do not have to vet numerous transcribers. You will be dealing with a transcriber whose quality of work is already known.

Verify the capacity of the company or freelancer to deliver on your project. Capacity means that target transcribers have such equipment as computers or laptops, software required to transcribe and necessary skills. Amateurs might not have the speed to deliver on time. Language and accents might also be a challenge for amateurs. In case you are dealing with bulk files, a company with several staff members is the most appropriate option.

How much will it cost to complete the project? Different projects cost varying amounts depending on individual features. Such features are number of speakers, audio hours involved and language or accent, among others. There are companies that offer discounts to regular customers or those with bulk work. A customized package is the way to go because it ensures that you get value for money.

Read reviews of transcription services available online. Reviews are experiences of clients who have worked with the companies or freelancers. The security of your files must also be guaranteed. You should be guaranteed quality work by the transcribers that is delivered on time. It takes experience to deliver the best quality work.

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