The Place Of Counseling Before Weight Loss Surgery Alabama

By Sandra Hill

It is common to see an obese individual struggle to lose excess pounds exercising and dieting to no avail. In such instances, professionals recommend bariatric surgery which helps reduce excess fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The procedure has proven effective, but like any other surgical procedure, patients have their own fears that is why surgeons recommend weight loss surgery Alabama assessment therapy and counseling sessions. This process helps doctors determine the kind of support a patient needs after the procedure after assessing strong and weak points.

Choosing the right evaluation and consultation psychologist should be easy if the right tactics are utilized. Before seeking help from other sources, compile a list of psychologists recommended by primary care physician or another doctor. Friends, relatives and health care specialists have good connections with psychologists near you. Invest time to research the credibility of specialists before making any final decision to make sure they meet set requirements.

Make use of search engines like Google to learn more about these professionals and their roles in the lives of bariatric patients. Find out which professionals are highly rated and reputed in the region. Pick contact details of therapists with an impeccable reputation based on opinions shared by past clients. Make a point of calling several professionals and schedule an appointment.

Once you have identified reputed therapists, call them and schedule a meeting. Insist on meeting them in their respective offices to have a feel of how the professional handles clients. During the meeting ask many questions to get clear details of the duties and responsibilities of a professional. Ask for copies of certifications to proof the therapist is trained and qualified to evaluate and advise you about bariatric procedures. Contact the regulatory agency to confirm the professional maintains a pleasing track record.

Just because a psychologist is certified, it does not mean they have experience in evaluating and counseling patients before surgery. Find out the number of patients the psychologists have evaluated and counseled before a surgical procedure. Choose a therapist that is willing to show a portfolio which demonstrates past work and success rate in assessment and consultation of obese patients.

It is obvious you would want to work with a specialist with the same gender as yours to feel comfortable. However, it is important to ask the professional the experience and skills they have in counseling patients with similar gender and needs. Psychologists have become more gender-specific in their practice. That is why you need to find a weight loss assessment and counseling professional with specialty dealing with patients of a similar gender as you.

Communication affects the outcome of therapy sessions. If you want positive results, it is important to search for a therapist you are at ease discussing personal matters with. The professional on the other hand should communicate in a way you understand. He or she should give accurate answers to queries and advice you accordingly.

You may not realize it, but insurance plans affect your decision when choosing psychologists. Selecting a therapist not covered in your plan means you will pay extra cash from your pocket. Find out what your plan covers to increase the odds of locating a specialist that participates in your insurance plan. When choosing specialists participating in your coverage plan, you should not overlook board certifications, success rate, experience, and facility.

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