Techniques Used For Male Hair Removal Fairfield

By Ruth Butler

In the past, it used to be that removal of hairs was strictly for females. That is of course unless you were a swimmer, bodybuilder, cyclist of male exotic dancer. That is not the case anymore. There are more and more men who are opting for hair removal. Most men however find it difficult to choose suitable methods to use. When it comes to male hair removal Fairfield men should know the options that are available.

The first is use of lasers. The technique involves using lasers to penetrate the hair shafts so that hair root is killed. The follicles will not be permanently killed, meaning that there will be other hairs growing after some time. That is not common though. The procedure takes about 30 minutes per session, with one needing roughly 8 sessions.

The use of lasers is best suited for removing hairs on the back, stomach, chest or shoulders. It works best on dark hairs and light skin and is never suitable for white or blond hairs. After laser treatments, the results should be almost permanent but there are follow up treatments annually or every two years. The other option to use to remove hairs is waxing. That involves application of lotion on the skin which only adheres to hair. There are strips of cloth layered over the cream, which are removed after the cream dries up.

Waxing takes between 10 minutes to an hour. The time that it takes will depend on which area is being waxed. It is suited for eyebrow shaping, unibrows and hairs on the neck, legs and underarms. While it is possible to wax the genital area, that comes with pain and you might want to consider trying it with other parts of the body first. Waxing can last for about 6 weeks.

Electrolysis is a removal procedure that has been in use for years. The method involves using very thin needles to penetrate shafts of hairs. It involves delivery of tiny shocks of electricity to follicles, which will kill cells. Killing the cells means there will not be growth of hairs. The time taken for electrolysis depends on area of the place where removal should be done.

Perhaps the simplest procedure to use is shaving. It involves using a razor blade and creams. It is a popular method since it requires no serious skills and can be done by the person individually. The disadvantage is that there might be itchy regrowth of hairs and ingrown hairs which tend to be painful and unsightly.

Hairs can be removed using depilatory creams. The creams are easy to use and can be applied simply. One simply needs to apply the cream, let it stay there for a few minutes before washing off. All the unwanted hairs will be removed. The use of creams is suitable for areas like shoulders which might be difficult to reach using razors for instance.

Threading is a technique that men can use. It is less painful and more precise as compared to waxing. It involves twisting an rolling a thread to quickly get rid of hairs.

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