Laser Hair Removal Maple Grove MN

By Helen McDonald

A plastic surgeon might perform laser hair removal or in some cases they may delegate it to nurses or licensed providers. There is a beam of light focused on the body which will be absorbed by hairs and in the process disable unwanted follicles. The procedure involves a little discomfort for seconds. There is the need for a number of treatment sessions. When considering laser hair removal Maple Grove MN residents should be versed with what it involves.

You need to start by knowing whether you are an ideal candidate for that treatment. There are different reasons to consider removal of hairs using lasers. The person might have facial hairs that they find unattractive and thus make them feel self-conscious. The procedure is also ideal for persons looking for an alternative to waxing, electrolysis or other methods. It is ideal for persons with light skins and dark hairs because that ensures there is more absorption of laser energy, which will allow for more transmission of lasers to the follicles.

Before you go for treatment, there will be placement of eye shields for protection of eyes, which ensures injuries to the retina and cornea are avoided. The hairs that are to get removed will also be trimmed to reduce them to some millimeters. It is also important to protect outer skin layer. That is done by using a cooling device or applying cold gel on the skin. That ensures the treatment is more effective.

After the treatment, the patient is given ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams that soothe the areas which are treated. The ice packs also minimize discomfort. For the best outcomes, there is the need for several sessions. In most cases, you need 3 to 8 sessions. The interval of the sessions is 4 to 8 weeks, with the intervals depending on which part of the body is to be treated, the age of the patient and type of hairs.

There are certain factors to consider when preparing for the procedure. The surgeon will provide pre-treatment instructions prior to treatment. You will be advised to avoid other methods of removing hairs like plucking, electrolysis or waxing. For people who smoke, they are not supposed to smoke for the six months preceding treatment. That is because smoking negatively affects the healing process. Hydration is also important prior to treatment and after treatment.

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis. Topical anesthetic is applied before treatment. There is normally minimal pain, with a slight stinging sensation during the procedure. While the treatment takes between 15 to 30 minutes in most cases, it might take longer depending on what area is to be treated.

There is a minimal chance that you will experience complications. The possible risks will be discussed with the surgeon during initial consultation. Examples of risks include allergic reactions, infections and scarring. There are people who might experience eye injuries, adverse reaction to anesthesia and change in skin color and texture.

The charges for the treatment tend to vary depending on the surgeon you choose. The charges also depend on the area of the body that is to be treated. Small areas like the face cost less compared to large areas like the back. You should confirm charges for the services beforehand.

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