Important Aftercare Tips For A Tummy Tuck Fort Lauderdale Is Offering

By Frank Roberts

Most tummy tucks performed these days are outpatient procedures. This means that the patients are sent home a few hours after undergoing surgery. However, more intensive treatments oftentimes require hospital stay for a few days. No matter the case, there are some very important matters that should be remembered by the person after having a tummy tuck Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeons offer.

During the next few days after getting the treatment, it's a must for the individual to take it easy. In other words, he or she should considerably limit physical activities. Engaging in strenuous or vigorous exercises is definitely contraindicated. It is a good idea for the person to take not less than a week off from work. Getting plenty of rest enables the body to bounce back from the procedure at a much faster rate.

You can expect to experience pain for a few weeks after having the treatment. Refrain from taking a painkilling drug that's known to cause your blood to end up runny. One very common example of such is aspirin. The intake of a painkiller that can thin the blood may only leave you encountering unnecessary bruising or even bleeding. See to it that you take nothing but the painkilling drug prescribed to you by your plastic surgeon.

Unless the surgeon says it's okay to stop wearing it, a compression garment must be used at all times. This can help keep swelling to a minimum, thus encouraging faster recovery from the treatment. Additionally, putting on a compression garment around the midsection helps fend off sagging of the skin so that the desired outcome may be attained.

Daily, up to 2 liters of water should be consumed by the individual. Keeping the body properly hydrated is very important in order to speed up the healing process, say cosmetic surgeons. Drinking lots of water helps promote proper healing of the incision, and also encourages the removal of toxins that can exacerbate pain and swelling.

See to it, however, that the incision does not come into contact with water. Other than delaying healing, it's also something that can increase your chance of having an infection. Unless your plastic surgeon says that it's okay for you to take a shower or bath, avoid having them. Worry not because taking a sponge bath is allowed, although you need to ensure that you don't get the incision wet.

Someone who is a smoker should quit smoking for a while. According to cosmetic surgeons, it is a good idea to ditch smoking for the next 4 to 6 weeks in order for proper healing to be attained. Poisonous substances found in cigarette smoke can in fact hamper blood circulation and healing of the incision.

Pain, swelling, redness and bruising are all normal after a tummy tuck. It may take several days or even a few weeks for them to go away completely. If the said symptoms tend to worsen or there are signs of an infection around, the individual should immediately get in touch with his or her cosmetic surgeon.

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