How Mris Help A Chiropractor SE Portland With Back Injuries

By Elinor Fowle

Whenever you have been injured in an auto accident, it is extremely important to get an accurate diagnosis before any kind of care plan is implemented. A chiropractor must follow all standards before ordering an MRI. If he or she observes a substantial radiculopathic presentation, which causes an inability to use specific muscles or groups of muscles, an immediate MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can be ordered by a Chiropractor SE Portland before starting any care program.

Some injuries that may occur after an accident include skin sensitivity, foot drop, or even aberrent reflexes. Your doctor can get a better idea of what is ailing you if you allow him or her to schedule that MRI. Any or all of these symptoms could be an indicator of something going on that needs to be addressed so you can start to feel better.

Herniated discs are common after a car crash. This can mean spinal adjustments that can be done in the office to help relieve pressure and pain. But they do not do these things blind. The images from the scans can help them determine if this is the best way to proceed.

Sometimes a more in-depth scan is needed, so your medical professional can consult with others such as a surgeon or neurologist to get more information. They can get you to another office or even a hospital for a CT scan or other imaging services.

Whether you are suffering from an auto wreck injury or a work related injury, a medical professional can work within your schedule to see you and explain any problems that are found.

If you have health insurance provided by either yourself or an employer, you should have no trouble using it at your chiropractor's office. Most policies will cover the full cost, though in some cases you may need to do a co-pay or deductible. So you can rest assured that no matter the expense, your doctor will do everything they can to help you, including images and scans.

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