How A Cincinnati Chiropractor Alleviates Headaches Naturally With Chiropractic Medication-Free Care

By Emilia Canale

There is a reason for headaches such as tension, sinus or migraine. If they are identified as chronic, it means they occurred regularly over time. Headaches are a common phenomenon. Sufferers who turn to a Cincinnati OH chiropractor can expect to find relief using only natural methods.

The atlas is the uppermost bone in the spinal column. It is larger than the other vertebrae and serves to support the weight of the head. In some individuals the natural curve of the neck is diminished. When that happens, pressure causes the blood vessels supplying the brain to be occluded. Before care is started to lessen the pain, cause must be determined.

A chiropractor is educated. There is the four year bachelors degree. It is followed by four years at the college of chiropractic. Following that, exams are taken for licensing purposes. After the license is granted, he or she can practice in the state of Ohio. Each state has its own laws regarding this.

There is a general reluctance to take medication, whether it is over the counter or prescription strength. Many people recognize the possibility of becoming addicted. They are even more reluctant to consider surgery. Chiropractic uses no invasive procedures.

Your first appointment with this professional is spent on an exam. Questions are asked and answered. A medical history is compiled. The spine is looked at with the cervical spine being given the most attention. Shoulder muscles are likely to be tight. Usually an x-ray helps in making an evaluation.

Results of the exam will indicate the type of care that will be most beneficial. Spinal adjustments are appropriate if there is found to be a spinal subluxation, which is a misaligned spine. The tense muscles can be relaxed by massage. If spinal adjustments are indicated they will be administered over time.

When a pregnant woman suffers headaches, a chiropractor is the optimal choice for care. Of course, medication should not be taken during pregnancy. Drug-free care includes biofeedback and meditation. At one time these methods were not respected options. Their success has changed the attitude towards alternatives.

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