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By Walter Carter

Doctors can nowadays perform a number of medical procedures for the purpose of preventing a variety of medical conditions that may occur in the body. Colonoscopy is among them and a gastroenterologist usually performs the condition. This condition serves the function of allowing physicians to image and examine the entire colon directly. This is a very important procedure for examining and evaluating a variety of medical conditions which affect the colon. When in search of Colonoscopy Conway should be given priority.

Some of the medical conditions that can be observed and evaluated through this procedure include inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, colon cancer, bleeding, and colon polyps. The procedure can also help in the evaluation of abdominal pain, and change in bowel habits. Colonoscopy is also very important in the screening of colon cancer and in the identification and elimination of precancerous polyps.

This process is carried out using a special instrument referred to as a colonoscope. This is a flexible and steerable instrument. The engineering of this device allows it to be able to obtain biopsies of suspicious areas. It can also remove polyps, which usually turn into cancer over time. The lifetime risk of developing cancer of the colon in the United States is 6 percent. This risk is greater if a first degree relative had polyps or colon cancer.

It has been indicated by research that those people who have undergone this procedure have significantly reduced cases of cancer. Unfortunately, not everyone is undergoing the procedure in as much as it reduces cancer cases. Most people usually give one reason for not undergoing this procedure. The reason is that they were not given the option by their doctors.

Another reason that people cite for not going for this procedure is the fear for the preparation process involved. Part of the preparation process involves taking a laxative, which induces temporary diarrhea for several hours. Lastly, some people are just not aware that they need this process. As such, by the time they learn about it, it is already too late and they have an advanced case of colon cancer.

Individuals are encouraged not to fear the process of preparation because the process is supposed to assist them in obtaining quality results. Colonoscopy itself is not painful. However, twilight or an intravenous sedative will be administered to the patient. This will make them drowsy although they will still be comfortable and can breathe independently. Also, this sedative has an amnesiac effect that is mild. This effect makes the patient to forget the procedure afterwards.

Insurance cover can be used in paying for this procedure. There are advocacy groups which are proactive in advocating for coverage by insurance for clients undergoing this procedure. Also, there are certain risks involved in the procedure as most of other medical tests. However, one can reduce these risks greatly by letting a physician that is well-trained like a gastroenterologist to perform it.

Most complications that have been observed are usually related to sedation administration. The sedative may causes respiratory and cardiac problems, but this is rare. Perforation of the colon may also happen during the process, making it necessary for surgery. Bleeding due to the performance of the procedure may also make it necessary for the patient to be hospitalized.

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