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By Brenda Ellis

The largest body organ so far on humans is the skin. It offers the body protection against entrance of microorganisms that cause diseases as well as foreign bodies. Transferring cold and heat from one part of the body to others is also another essential function gone by the skin. This distribution helps with causing a balance in cold or heat on the body surface. Furthermore, it assists with creation of energy that it derives from the sun. When in need of Chinese Massage Ellicott City MD should be visited.

There is 5 million or more touch receptors in the body and about 3000 of them are situated at the each fingertips. A massage can be felt to the fullest by the skin because of the properties it has. When one is being massaged, they can feel the touch because of the touch receptors that are present in the skin.

A revealed by history, one of the oldest known form of health care to human beings is massage. Historical evidence from ancient times shows that massage was practiced in many Asian countries including China, India, and Japan. Also, other archeological sites across the world such as the Egyptian tombs have artistic depictions of residences engaging in this activity. It was practiced in various parts of the world at different times.

At the moment, massaging of the body is one of the most practiced medical services that is meant to provide relief against various medical conditions. There are more than 80 different types of massage being practiced around the world. Each of these varieties usually focuses on different parts of the body. Several patents have been filed by people in the US and other Western countries to protect new methods of conducting massage.

The use of this practice has gained popularity because of the many benefits it offers to people. For instance, research has indicated that massaging the body is effective for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. These conditions include chronic low back pains, cancer-related fatigue, post-operative pain, and frequent headaches. The efficiency of this practice in treatment of more medical conditions continues to be discovered with every day that passes.

More and more health care providers promote this practice to their patients because of the benefits it offers. According to statistics, about 19 percent of American adults report that they have at some point discussed therapeutic massage with their healthcare provider or doctor. These American adults also reported that their doctors strongly advised them to consider this therapy for the treatment of various medical conditions.

To understand the importance of this therapy, 63 percent of all therapists reveal that most of their customers are referrals from professional healthcare providers. This therapy has proven to be effective on people of all ages such as infants, the elderly, children and adults. Kids who are massaged fall asleep faster compared to those who are rocked. Also, they sleep longer.

There is a huge improvement seen in children who undergo massage for various medical conditions. The conditions may include anxiety, inattentiveness, pain, autism, asthma and juvenile rheumatoid. There are specialized therapists that handle patients of different ages while others only work with patients of a given age.

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