7 Things To Know Before Getting Permanent Eyeliner

By Jennifer Nelson

If you are thinking about getting your makeup to be permanently done, you can do this by getting help from the experts. You may be one of those people who hate applying their makeup every time they want to step out. Also, if you want to spend less time applying beautifiers, having them permanently applied to you can be of great help. Also, with permanent eyeliner, you will achieve the perfect cat eye you have wished to have. Whatever the reasons you have, below are a few things you should know before getting tattooed makeup.

Most people think that this eyeliner is long-lasting, but it may not be. This is because the visibility, as well as the longevity of the ink, may eventually fade because of oxidation from the sun. The pigment will, however, remain forever. That is why most people refer the procedure to be long-lasting. Additionally, since the process is almost similar to body tattooing, it is also called tattooed makeup.

Another thing that you ought to know is that if you have acne and you are using medication for the same, you should be very cautious. You should, therefore, be keen on the types of inks used, the technique and the preparation steps for the application of the makeup. Also, you should stop taking some medication like aspirin to minimize any potential bleeding.

In case you have applied lash extensions, you should make sure that you have removed them a week to the tattooing. This is because removing the extensions too close to the makeup application may affect the entire procedure. The glue used to apply the lash extensions may remain on your lash line thus interfering with the ink. The lashes can be reapplied after the procedure.

Also, if you wear contact lenses, you have to remove them too before the procedure. Also, be prepared to stay without the contact lens a few days after the process. After the cosmetic ink application, your eyes may be tender or a bit swollen. Therefore, it may not be too safe to wear them right after the surgery. Hence, you should wait for the tenderness to wear off.

This procedure is generally categorized into two. There is the normal or traditional one that involves a thinker lining that is applied above the lash line. The other one involves applying the ink lightly and thinly between the lash lines. The lash lines thus look darker. The second procedure looks more natural and beautiful.

The length of the procedure depends on how thick the clients want it to be. If the client requests for the traditional application, the process can take as little as one hour. However, if the client wants a cat eye or wing, it will take longer to perform the procedure.

Usually, clients do not feel pain during the process because the professionals use numbing cream to make the skin numb. Nevertheless, different people have different tolerance for pain. This means that some of the clients will feel some irritation while the procedure will be entirely painful to other clients.

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