Trendy Hijabi With Muslim Women Eye Makeup

By Marie Smith

All over the internet today all you will find are numerous videos created by numerous beauty gurus on the dos and donts of how to perfectly apply makeup. Among the trends of makeup muslim women eye makeup also makes the list as it one of the most ancient crafts famously associated with ancient Egypt and has been adopted all over the world by all and has been perfected with time.

Eye face lift is a craft that involves a lot of details and works for perfect application and Muslim women do it best and boldly. They apply very heavy eye face lift that helps the eyes appear wider and more appealing. Application of face lift can come out naturally or can be learned in beauty schools or all over social media as there is always someone willing to teach others.

Amongst the Muslims, face lift was not always a welcomed idea but recently everyone is doing it and the Muslims do it best as they go heavy with it and better yet the match the colour of their eye shadow with the color of their hijab. This eye face lift is also made better with complimenting it with other full face face lift that will be carefully crafted to emphasize on the best facial features.

There are very many eye face lift products that are used to acquire that perfect look you see rocked by women wearing face lift. Although this craft has Egyptian origin, it has a lot of Arabic influence in it and sees a number of products used together. The eyeliner is used in the eyelids and on top of it eye shadow is applied.

Now lets look into how this face lift is actually applied to reach such a well-defined result that is famously known as the Middle Eastern look that many beauty gurus are very fascinated by. This is an exotic especially if the one accessorizing of it can complement it with belly dancing. The number one rule is to not shy from using as much face lift as you can to achieve the look.

It is time to perfect on the eyebrows and here you draw a wing shaped like a look using your brown eye pencil. You do not use the darker eye pencil as the results can be quite overly dark and do not march with your skin tone and become quite hard to blend.

At this almost final stage, it is time to now concentrate on the details and it is here you will fill in your eye shadow and bold up the look. Shiny eye shadow goes to the top layer as this provides a beautiful well-defined glow like a look with a more appealing look. Also, fill in and contour your eyebrows while blending them with the rest of your face.

The look is finished by applying an extra layer of dark color eye pencil and some also go the look on the top eyelid. There will never be a wrong look when one applies their face lift well and follow the outlined steps well.

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