To Reduce Risk Of Osteoporosis Due To Menopause Hormone Therapy Boise ID Is Recommended

By Arthur Green

Osteoporosis is undeniably one of the most terrifying issues that menopause can bring. If you are already in the menopausal stage, then you are at risk of suffering from it. In order to considerably lower your chance of having osteoporosis resulting from menopause hormone therapy Boise ID is commonly suggested by health professionals.

HRT for short, the said treatment entails the administration of chemicals called hormones. Most of the time estrogen is the only one that's provided, although there are cases in which it is given with progesterone. Either way, the objective of undergoing HRT remains the same, and that's to reinstate normal hormonal balance in a female's body.

It's no secret that there are all sorts of symptoms that are associated with being in the menopausal stage, many of which can be annoying. Some commonly reported ones include mood swings, sleep problems, weight gain, increased facial hair, baldness and vaginal dryness. Definitely, hot flashes and night sweats are some of the most nagging symptoms experienced by up to 80 percent of all menopausal women, health experts say.

Menopause is also known to come with some risks. Something that can leave you alarmed is osteoporosis, a serious disease of the bones. It is basically about the thinning and softening of your bones. Because of the said weakening in the bone structure, a fracture is likely to happen. Every bone in your body may become affected by osteoporosis. However, there are some that are more prone to becoming fractured. They are your hip, spine, wrist and shoulder.

So many risk factors for osteoporosis exist. Definitely, one of those is advanced age. According to health authorities, people who are 50 years old and above are likelier to end up with osteoporosis. Having a family member who has the bone disease is another risk factor because osteoporosis tends to run in families. People who smoke and drink a lot of alcohol are also said to be at risk. The same is true for those whose diets consist of foods that are low in calcium.

Being in the menopausal phase is known as a risk factor, too. According to scientists, this is something that can be blamed on the decline in estrogen levels. If there are various other risk factors present, then the chance of a menopausal female battling the bone disease one day is quite high.

One of the ways to fend off osteoporosis is by means of HRT. By increasing the levels of estrogen of a woman who is undergoing the said treatment, her risk of developing osteoporosis can be considerably reduced. Certainly, it's still important to pair HRT with a diet that contains calcium rich foods as well as regular exercise.

It's unfortunate that not all menopausal females may get HRT just to lower their risk of having osteoporosis and fractures, too. Women who may develop blood clots or end up with breast cancer, heart disease, heart attack and stroke are discouraged from undergoing HRT. This is especially true if the cons outweigh the pros. A female who is not allowed to get HRT should ask a doctor about various other solutions.

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