Things To Do Before Getting Facial Laser Hair Removal Maple Grove MN Med Spas Are Offering

By Linda Edwards

There is no denying that being lasered is one of the smartest steps that a beauty conscious woman of today can make. It's due to the fact that it can permanently reduce the amount of those pesky facial hairs. A few days or weeks before the appointment, however, there are a few really important things that a woman needs to keep in mind so that the expected results may be obtained and unnecessary issues may be kept from striking. Below are some of the most important pre treatment tips that have to be considered before finally getting one's facial laser hair removal Maple Grove MN medical spas offer nowadays.

Hide from the sun. Do your best to shield your face from the sweltering sun about a month before going to the dermatological clinic. Since you cannot remain indoors all the time, invest in a high quality sunscreen and use it as needed. Skin care authorities highly suggest sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or even higher. By the way, it's not just the sun that you should hide from, but also UV lamps and tanning beds.

Quit the use of certain types of beauty products. A couple of weeks prior to going to the chosen medical spa, the use of certain beauty products need to be stopped. Some examples are those that are meant for skin exfoliating or peeling. The application of topical solutions with vitamin A and acids in them should be skipped for the time being.

Avoid eliminating unwanted facial hairs. Skin care specialists highly recommend momentarily ditching hair removal treatments that entail removal of the follicles. Some very common examples are plucking, threading and waxing. Failure to take this very important step will only make being lasered pointless.

Skip bleaching, too. Another treatment that needs to be shunned for the moment is bleaching. That's because it is very important for your facial hairs to have melanin, a dark colored type of pigment. About one month to a month and a half prior to your appointment, bleaching should be avoided.

Quit taking certain medications. There are medications that can increase skin sensitivity, thus making being lasered a traumatic experience. Some of them include painkillers, OTC and prescription alike. Their intake should be stopped about a week prior to the session. If you are taking antibiotics, make sure that you inform your doctor about your plan on getting lasered to know the necessary steps that you could take.

Pop an anti viral drug in the mouth. Someone who is prone to cold sores should consider taking anti viral medications about 2 days before heading to the skin clinic. Doing so can help considerably reduce risk of having a breakout after getting the beauty procedure. Being lasered, by the way, is not recommended if cold sores are present.

Ditch the application of makeup. You are strongly discouraged from putting on makeup before you pay the med spa a visit. Actually, it is a smart move to step foot inside the establishment without any cosmetic product on your face. Consider undergoing the treatment at night if you are not happy being spotted with no makeup on.

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