The Ever Expanding Growth Of Healthcare Facilities

By Stephen Smith

Health is a treasure to humans. People are consciously aware of it and they take extra attention to their physicality to live long. However, there will be times when the dark cloud of sickness pays them a visit. This can be from a virus, poor immune system, or food poisoning. Accidents can also occur which can maim and disable a person needing quick medical attention which can be attended to at urgent care big rapids mi.

Sickness was often blamed on deities who are angry at an individual and visits him with punishment. This was the common belief in ancient times. The only remedy was to appease the gods and this was performed by a high priest or a shaman. These individuals were supposed to be gifted in curing the afflicted with their knowledge of herbal medicine and communication with the deities.

These so called medicine men were also knowledgeable about plants and herbs and often would use this to ease certain pains in combination with chants and incantations and offerings to the gods. Curing ailments then were more of a religious and spiritual rite rather than a practical solution to a specific illness. But these were early times and science still did not exist.

Concoctions and poultices were already in use during classical times. These were mostly the result of work done by philosophers who began tinkering with the human physique and studying its functions. The fate of an ailing individual though was largely left to fate and the gods. But there were already a few members of the society who were good at healing.

It was only during the Renaissance that science and the arts flourished. New discoveries and inventions propelled science to new heights and it began to challenge religion. Great minds of the day invented several gadgets and instruments that were useful in discovering many aspects of nature including man. Cadavers were dissected and studied as were medications.

At present, the human body and its functions are very well studied and understood. Advances in medical science and technology have been very fast starting from the industrial age. Clinical procedures and medical instruments came into full bloom meant to heal illnesses. Governments are also very active in supporting the erection of medical facilities among nations.

When the body bogs down due to some malady or accident, it will have to be addressed in the quickest possible way and time. Cases like these are rushed immediately to the hospital for treatment and diagnosis. Most of these facilities have an emergency room that is staffed by very qualified personnel including doctors, medical technologists, and nurses.

There will be times when a hospital is just very full and cannot accommodate anymore patients, so others will go to other institutions like an urgency care clinic that is near and accessible. These healthcare facilities are also governed by the same statutes, laws, and regulations as that of hospitals. These also are staffed with professional medical practitioners.

As a precautionary measure, parents or responsible adults must know the location and phone numbers of medical emergency institutions. One will never know when it can save a life especially in emergencies where immediate and urgent care is needed. It has been established that the cost of engaging urgency care facilities is considerably lower than that of hospitals.

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