Steps You Should Take Before Getting Chemical Peels Plano Skin Care Experts Suggest

By Richard White

A lot of beauty conscious women who refuse to undergo the knife just to look a few years younger prefer to visit medical spas. These establishments offer a number of modern day treatments that can help considerably improve the appearance of various aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, roughness and liver spots. There are some really important steps that need to be taken by those who are about to undergo chemical peels Plano dermatologists recommend. Below are some of those that should be kept in mind all the time.

Avoid the sun. One month before undergoing the facial, it is a must to evade the sun. This means that a woman should remain indoors most especially after 10 in the morning and before 4 in the afternoon. Someone who has sun damaged skin may fail to obtain the full benefits of the treatment.

Use sunscreen generously as needed. Because being indoors all the time is not a possibility, sunscreen should be applied if the woman needs to step foot outside her home. The best sunscreen to go for is the kind that boasts of an SPF of 30 or even higher to make sure that harmful UV light won't be able to hurt the skin. According to dermatologists, it is a wonderful idea for any woman to get her hands on sunscreen that's made exclusively for her skin type. Such helps in fending off complications.

Steer clear of a tanning bed. The sun is not the only one that has to be avoided, but also a tanning bed. This beauty appliance also gives off UV light just like the sun in the sky. About one month before heading to the medical spa, a woman should quit using a tanning bed. The use of a UV lamp, by the way, is also discouraged by skin care experts.

Quit having micro dermabrasion treatment. There are so many trendy facials available these days, and one of them is micro dermabrasion. Approximately 2 weeks before your appointment, sadly, you need to refrain from getting such. By the way, you should not pay for any facial treatment that involves skin exfoliation.

Say no to injections. Beauty procedures that involve needles need to be dodged as well for not less than a week prior to undergoing a peel. This means that having botox treatments is highly discouraged. The same is true with getting fillers. Micro needling, which is a treatment that entails pricking the topmost layer of the skin with a lot of small needles, should never be obtained for at least two weeks before a peel.

Steer clear of hair removal procedures. A week before heading to the medical spa, having treatments such as waxing and application of depilatory creams is discouraged. That's because such can cause skin irritation. Showing up at the medical spa with irritated skin can increase the risk of complications.

Start taking an antiviral drug. Two days prior to the cosmetic treatment, a female who is likely to have cold sores should start taking antiviral drugs. The medical spa's resident dermatologist can provide a written prescription. Somebody with active cold sores, unfortunately, may not undergo the procedure.

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