Steps To Take After Paying For Lip Injections Scarsdale Local Residents Should Bear In Mind

By Gregory Kelly

The current popularity of getting the lips injected with fillers cannot be denied. Compared to plastic surgery, it's safer and easier on the pocket. The outcome can last for up to 1 year, too. There are a few essential steps that should be taken right after the procedure in order to keep complications at bay. Doing them makes it possible for superb results to be obtained, too. Below are certain moves to make right after getting lip injections Scarsdale locals opt for.

Do not take painkillers. So many women know that they should avoid taking painkillers like aspirin before being injected. Not a lot of them, unfortunately, are aware that the said medications should also be dodged 1 week after the medical spa visit to avoid unnecessary thinning of the blood. Otherwise, bruises may form.

Do not get the lips massaged. Because the injected areas may feel kind of swollen, it can be tempting to have them rubbed down. However, dermatologists say that it's something that needs to be avoided at all costs. For relief attainment, the lips may be daubed with cold water. A woman should not worry because the side effects will resolve on their own.

Consume plenty of water throughout the day. Whether injected with fillers or not, it's very important to keep the body hydrated. Drinking up to two liters of water daily is a must in order to speed up the healing process. However, using a straw and drinking straight from a water bottle are strongly discouraged in order to considerably lower one's risk of ending up with deformed lips.

Avoid smoking cigarettes. Deformity of the lips may also happen because of smoking. Until full healing is obtained, cigarette smoking is a habit that should be momentarily stopped by a woman. Actually, quitting it for good is a great idea. Aside from the obvious fact that smoking cigarettes is bad for the overall health, it can also speed up the disintegration of the fillers injected into one's lips.

Avoid having hot foods and drinks. For a few days after going to the medical spa, it's very much possible for the treated areas to be sensitive to pain excessively. It's due to this why a woman need to refrain from enjoying hot foods and drinks that could cause discomfort and also burn her newly treated lips. In addition, dermatologists agree that the consumption of alcohol should not be done for about 1 day after the beauty procedure.

Quit taking a hot shower. Other than hot foods and drinks, a hot shower should be avoided as well. The swelling can worsen if the lips are allowed to be touched by blistering hot water. Using hot tubs and saunas, needless to say, is contraindicated. Also important to avoid is direct contact with sunlight.

Stay away from the gym. Partaking in exercises that are strenuous or vigorous right after getting fillers can considerably delay healing. It's something that may also cause complications to come into being. Dermatologists say that the only form of exercise you may engage in is walking.

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